Importance of Compass—-

There are many devices which are used in vastu shastra for the benefit of the well beings and their surroundings. Of them, the most important one is the Vastu Compass. Vastu Shastra is highly ranked and is very important from the sensuous point of view within the creation of human beings. In fact, Vastu Shastra is most amorous, pleasant, and charming and is owned by its enduring value and most appealing components of human civilization. Using vastu compass enhances the growth of an individual and brings happiness and prosperity in one’s life. Let’s know in detail regarding it.
Vastu Compass is an advanced self pointing device that helps us in checking the arrangements as per to the vastu and also suggests arrangements accordingly. The compass helps in guiding oneself as well as others in becoming healthy, wealthy, and prosperous. Of course, these are the important basic things which are expected by the human beings. There are simple charts, which are very easy to use that simplifies the process of vastu differences. Vastu Compass comes with many ready to use charts like living room, residence, kitchen, bed room, office, shop, dispensary and factory. One would really feel the comfort and easiness in vastu while using the compass.
Now let’s see some vastu compass tips while using them. They are found to be easy as well as manageable.
As each of the charts signifies a different aspect, one could choose the chart that would suit the situation. Then, place only the chart that is selected on the instrument’s dial in such a way that the centre-pin ejects out from the middle point of the chart. Following to this, the chart is to be placed on the said direction pointing towards the needle on the centre-pin. Also, one should take absolute care in preventing the influence of outside wind, jerk, and air on the needle.
After this, the needle can be allowed to rotate freely on the centre pin and after some time the needle would stop moving further and finally sets to only one direction. To identify the direction one could read out the marks on the needle, as a “Red” mark on the needle signifies the “North” direction. From the north direction the other directions can be calculated in our mind and mark it accordingly. Then the instrument has to be rotated in such a way that RED MARK of the needle or the “N” pole pairs aptly over the chart’s “N” pole. However, this instrument has to be placed on the surface of a ground or a table as a leveled surface would give better results. Now it is time to check the location and situation of the residence or any commercial premises according to the chart that indicates the perfect situation as per “Vastu Shastra”.

Finally, one could make comparisons of the facts and do needed alteration to welcome peace, wealth and prosperity to the home.


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