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Vastu Shastra is a wide field and there are lots of vastu questions arising in the minds of readers. For the people who are a novice let’s make them clear what is all about Vastu Shastra with the help of few vastu faqs.

Vastu Shastra is nothing but an architectural science followed from the past. It is the involvement of various principles in the construction of building and the way of living with peace in nature along with the environment, by equalizing the nature’s five elements namely Space, Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. Vastu Shastra can also be referred to as the SCIENCE OF DIRECTIONS that integrates all five nature’s elements and counterweights with man and material. Also, it involves making use of the cosmic energy in the world for the benefit of vastu.
Fine! some of the vastu facts are known! How would one come to know when there is a bad vastu? There are many symptoms affecting an individual when there is a wrong vastu. It creates continual sickness, constant tiredness, unnecessary negative imagination, always being pessimistic, and a tensed feeling withstands all the time in mind. Also, there would be downs in money flow, losses in business, legal or law suit problems, property disputes, lack of motivation, stale, continuous arguments with spouse and partner, and on the whole a feeling of bad luck pesters the mind. When these symptoms are felt, a proper consultation with a vastu shastra expert can be done with immediate effect.
The next vastu question posed by people is the time taken to achieve the results. Though it is not fixed period for all kinds of problems, the results may start showing its effect in .. days or it may take more days too. However, the time may vary to obtain the results, but it is entirely guaranteed for good results. People have also vastu queries on the remedial vastu shastra. Let’s learn what it actually means. This is nothing but the remedies that are received without demolishing the property of vastu and are similar to vastu shastra remedies. They provide solutions to vastu dosha and improvise the living conditions of the people and bring happiness and prosperity throughout.
Are color, fabric, and type of wood very crucial in order to make better vastu? Though this may look weird, it is necessary to create a better vastu. In fact, this paves the path for energy to carry oneself freely and get settled in the place. Of the most important vastu questions asked frequently, people wish to know how the remedies have started to work for them. The results of the vastu will be really visible for them and they would certainly feel a difference. This can be understood with an example. If a person comes home exhausted from a tiresome job and finds his spouse, children, and family sitting relaxed, he would obviously be cool and comfortable. The same feeling would be felt in vastu with temperament problems, positive, patient attitude, cash flow in a controlled state, booming business, and lots more to be grabbed on. On the whole, it would be a sense of harmony for oneself and the people around him. Hence, the material benefits can be finely viewed obviously.

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