Benefits of Yantra—-

Vastu Yantra finds remedy to one’s problems. Kindly go further in the flow of reading and get to know the benefits of yantra.

Often we hear about the term ‘Vastu’ while starting any kind of new projects. What can be studied from the phrase ‘Vastu’? It signifies that vastu is a perfect perceptive of geography, direction, topography, physics, and environment. The world is moving to an advanced stage with modernization and tends to leave back the vedas, which causes us to face many problems in life. Most of the people use dynamic planning and unstructured architectural procedures leading them to face basic problems in the recent days. In short, it can be said that vastu connects human and nature. Basically, solutions can be given for vastu dosh by making alteration in the rooms, by changing the placements, by altering the house’s interiors, by the use of regulators, or by using charged materials. Some way or the other, one can find remedies for vastu dosha and if the steps are taken in the right direction, happiness follows the door and peace is brought back into one’s lives.

The Yantras have many benefits like it combats almost all the ill-effects and bad influences. Vastu Yantra is particularly fashioned for correcting the mistakes of a building, home, office, or site that are wrongly constructed or created. Also, it eradicates the negative power or the ill effects ensuing from unfavorable location or position of rooms, buildings, homes, and even other properties by rendering positive and kind energies. However, the Yantra needs to be either buried beneath the ground earlier or later to construction with due rites or set up in the puja room and later be worshipped.
Still confused with the term ‘Yantra’? It is nothing but an instrument, mystical diagram, or talisman usually made in copper. In fact, it is path or a technique that is considered to be the shortest and simplest by which one can accomplish one’s hopes and satisfy one’s dreams or wishes. It is believed that ‘Deities’ dwell in the Yantras and by doing religious ‘Puja’ or worshipping the Yantras, it can be conciliated by them, get rid of the evil consequences and raise the flow of convinced influences. There are in fact certain guidelines to be followed while placing the energized Yantra on oneself. Let’s take a look at them.

The first step is to purify the body and initiate with a positive and clear mind frame
Face towards east would be the best to be seated
Ignite the lamp or the diya
Fresh fruits and flowers can be laid on altar
Yantra needs to be exposed on the place with the yantra deity’s image and one’s favorable God
Sprinkle water with any leaf on one self and then on the Yantra
Sublimate the soul and deliver oneself completely in dedication to God
Finally close the eyes and focus on the deity to bless with wishes. At this stage, one can ask God with sincerity the desire for life that is to be fulfilled
Vastu Yantras removes out the evil effects and helps in improving the status of money, wealth, health, and success for a happy and peaceful life.


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