.. while making predictions, what weight shud be given to Vimshottri dashas, esp, PD, SD, PD. (which come after seeing MD-AD).
in my opinion, ‘a lot’.
.. why the Chandra gochar also should be checked
.. why Vimsottari dasha system is not enough.
If we make a percentage chart of all the systems to be checked what are those?
Eg. Vim. dasha – 6.%, transits 25%, divisional charts 10%………
Thank u!

Vedic Astrologer:
1) Vimsottari (120yrs) Dasa is the best to use in Kali Yuga. Mahadasa shows the theme of the Period. Antardasa shows the area of Focus and Pratyantar shows the Event. Sookshma and Prana Dasa, one should not really consider. Even a 1 minute time difference will change it by a few days and will thus defeat the purpose of these smaller dasas. 90% of Charts do not havean accurate birth time by the minute. The Doctor’s Job is to ‘deliver’ the child safely for both the baby and the mother, NOT to note down the exact time for Jyotish Purposes. Besides, would he write down the time when he:

a) Cuts the Umbilical Cord
b) Baby emerges from the Mother
c) Hears the Baby Cry
d) Lets the Umbilicus dry naturally till it falls off on its own.

Do you think that all doctors follow a common one out of the above 4, NO! These factors would cause a minimum of +/- 10 to 15 Minutes presuming the Doctor is aware of actually noting down the time and not guessing the time when he fills it in for the ‘hospital records’ Why do we assume that all birth times are correct, they are NOT!!

2) Gochara is seen from the Moon to see the effect of circumstances on a person’s mind. From the Lagna, to see all events. Arudha Lagna – related to Maya or reality and Surya Lagna – to judge a person’s vitality and confidence. Out of all of these Chandra Lagna is the most important. Eg If Mars is 5th lord in a person’s chart. If Mars is in 8th in Transit, it cause problems with childbirth of the person’s child or problems with his emotions, intelligence and 5th House Siginificances.

3) Vimsottari dasa is not enough because it will not focus on every impending circumstance. Narayana Dasa is for showing sustenance and all outer circumstances. Lagna Kendradi Rasi Dasa shows fructification of Yogas and all kinds of prosperity. Sudasa is the main dasa to check for a Native’s Wealth and Prosperity. It shows the movement of the Sri Lagna across the Rasis. Shoola Dasa for health issues and Death. Ashottari and Charadasa may also be used. Day time births in Krishna Paksha and Night time Births in Shukla Paksha:- Ashottari (108) Year Dasa should be used for more accuracy than Vimsottari Dasa. Conditional Dasas are used in certain conditions:- 1st lord in 7th or 7th in 1st – Dwi Saptati Sama Dasa (72 year) could show more accuracy than Vimosattari Dasa. This is ‘especially’ important if Rahu is in a Quadrant or Kendra from Lagna. There is no Criteria of giving weightage to Dasas, Transits or Divisional Charts. A specific malefic Transit will give take more precedence in a person’s life at times. Eg. Asthama Sani, Rahu over Moon etc than when in a good Vimsottari Dasa Period could totally deny the effects of a Raja Yoga Planet Dasa. The astrologer has to be intuitive to use different aspects of Chart Interpretation. There is also Badhakesh, Rasi Dristi, Ashtakvarga, Nakshatras, Argalas, Different lagnas. How can you judge a Transit or a Dasa without using Ashtakvarga, Nakshatras, Transits, Shodasvargas etc. Example when you judge a Mahadasa, don’t just see its Position from the Lagna and Chandra, see which Nakshatra it is posited in, understand the meaning, the symbol, the deity of the Nakshatra. See where the Lord is Posited. If Rahu is in Hasta Nakshatra in the 8th and Moon is in the 12th, Rahu Mahadasa in the 8th will also give you the effect of Moon in the 12th House. Why? Moon Rules Hasta. One should also use the Panchanga System.

Tithi – Its lord – Relationship, its position from Venus.
Karana – Energy of the Native, Focus of Work, Karma
Vareshwara (Lord of the Day) – Health of the Native
Nakshatra – Of Chandra, Lagna to see all aspects using their Lord’s position

Use all these rules carefully and wisely to make accurate predictions.


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