National Conference on Removal of Confusions from Vaastu
Dear Friends,
Jai Hind,
Society of Vaastu Science proposes to hold a one day National Vaastu Conference from .. AM onwards on .2 May (Sunday) at the Constitution Club, Rafi Marg, New Delhi. The aim is to remove the aberrations & anomalies from the prevalent Vaastu. The modus operandi would be to invite Vaastu Consultants from all over the country and request them to answer the under mentioned questions in understandable scientific terms:-
1.     Why did ancient Temples remained intact while newly constructed Buildings collapsed during the Bhuj Earth Quake in Gujrat?
2.     Why the water cement ratio in Concrete mix should be religiously maintained and kept minimum?
..     Why the length of a plot should not exceed twice its width?
4.     Is breathing of building materials necessary for good Vaastu?
5.     Should we take formaldehyde and PVC as Vaastu Friendly? If not, then why?
6.     Is it safe to use granite stone in Residential Buildings?
7.     Should we avoid human activity under a deep beam or stair case, and if so,why?
8.     Can an idol of Shri Ganesh at the entrance make a difference in our happiness and prosperity? And if so. Under what conditions?
9.     Can demolition be an answer to Vaastu Remedy?
10. How does cosmic energy affects our life, from where does it come, what is its magnitude and can it be stored? Why it is different from sun Energy?
11. What is the relevance of Pyramids; are the Pyramid models effective and if so under what conditions?
12. Are two windows better than an entrance door in the North East i.e. Ishaan Kuan?
13. Why should the slope of a building be towards North as per Vaastu?
14. Wearing of silver and golden ornaments was a good omen and beneficial to our health in the past but is it beneficial today? If not, why?
15. Why should we sleep with our heads towards South as per Vaastu?
16. Can smell, touch, look and taste could be used as Vaastu corrections?
17. Why did our Rishi – Munees climb to Himalayas for meditation?
18. Can the filtration between the infra red rays and ultra violets rays be defined as Vaastu Science? If yes, Why?
19. Why do we leave open space and keep water bodies in front of North facing Houses? Is this tenet applicable to South facing plots?
20. Why should we have kitchen in the South East? Is it applicable to Kerela and Uttar Kashi also? If not, why?
21. Is our mother earth negatively charged? If so, to what tune? Does it remain constant?
22. What importance you assign to curing and cover to the reinforcement in building construction and how it affects Vaastu?
23. Why should we not have houses in the immediate vicinity of the Temples? Is this principle applicable for very old Temples also? If Not, Why?
24. Can stress removal be connected to Temperature Reversal or Anulom Vilom? How can this principle be applied to Buildings?
The participation fee in the aforesaid historic and eye opening Vaastu Conference is Rs 1000/- ( One Thousand only) which may be remitted to the General Secretary through Cheque or Bank Draft in the name of Society of Vaastu Science (PNB, Ambedkar Road, Ghaziabad S/F A/C No-3948000100430130) at 133 B, Model Town East, Ghaziabad, UP, 201009.
Those who wish to air their views are requested to send their write up in Hindi or English with a self photo on the  e-mail  in MS Word latest by 30 April 2011.  Decision of the Selection Committee will be final. At the end of the Conference, a common minimum standard of the principles of Vaastu Consultations would be released to the print and electronic media. Vaastu is an Engineering subject and hence you are requested to depute your representatives from the Technical and Management   Departments, in particular.
Society of Vaastu Science is a Registered National Organisation comprising renowned Vaastu Consultants, Engineers, Architects, Doctors and other Dignitaries. A brief write up about the Society of Vaastu Science bringing out its aims and objectives, membership, philosophy and modus operandi for consultations is attached for your kind perusal.
Shri Deepak Bharadwaj, CMD, Nitish Kunj Hotel Complex, Delhi and CMD of Deep Ganga Apartments, Haridwar will be requested to Preside over the National Vaastu Conference.
(Col Tejandra Pal Tyagi, Vir Chakra)            ( Er Vinod Sharma)
B Sc, B E (Civil), M Tech (Structures)          Railway Engineer  

1.     Catering for the already booked participation, we are now left with only 173 seats. We will honestly go by first come first served basis.
2.     Registered Head Office – 133 B, Model Town East, Ghaziabad, Phone- 0120-2717031
3.     Corporate Head Office- Nitish Kunj Hotel Complex, 22nd Milestone, NH-8, Near Shiv Murty, Smalkha, New Delhi-110037


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