Use of Gems For Marital Happiness–

In modern are many marriage are problematic and troublesome. There are obstacles in the settlement of a few marriages due to adverse planetary influences. It is believed that Venus is the significator of marriage for males where as Mars and Sun signify marriage for females. If there planets are afflicted due to negative aspect, placement of conjunction, the marriages will be delayed, denied or obstructed. Due to adverse planetary vibration marriages are either broken or one faces the tragedy of loss of life partner. Stones do play a benefic role in prevention of obstacles and problems in marriage. The horoscope should be examined carefully before suggesting any remedial gem. It is found that Coral (Moonga) is generally suggested to mangle girls. This is highly objectionable and harmful as well. If Mars occupies the 8th house, wearing of Moonga or Coral will further intensify caused by Mars. It must be very carefully noted gemstones enhance the strength of the concerning planet. It is a wrong impression among many astrologers that gemstone makes the planet. It is believed that by wearing gemstone of even adversely placed planet the negative effect and problems that planet disappear and that planet starts behaving in a favourable direction. In many books on “GEMS” it has been suggested like that and we strongly object such a wrong way of prescribing gemstone. If Rahu is placed in that 5th house, the prescription of gomed (Hassonite) will further intensify the adcerse results of Rahu in the 5th house. This should be understood in the same way for all other planets and their concerning gem. If Sun is placed in the 4th house and is aspected by Saturn or is conjoined with Rahu or Ketu, wearing of stone for Rahu will expedite. If Venus is afflicted in the 7th house due to conjunction of Rahu, Mars, Moon the Sun or Saturn, one will be highly benefited lead a life of conjugal bliss provided he wears the Diamond or its substitute Opal. The auspicious results will further be multiplied in regard to children, wealth, profession, property, comfort, luxury, happiness and fame addition to conjugal bliss, if the ascendant is Aquarius or Capricorn where Venus happens to be a Yogakaarka.


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