Astrology and Mental Health—-
As you known astorology regards the moon as the karaka for mind. Moon is the first fastest moving planet who is nearest to the Moon is also responsible for fluctuation in human mood.
First familiarize yourself with the planets, hourse and sings that address anxiety depression, and overall mental health states in natal chart, affectiing long term and short term mental states, and the differences between brief versus problems are exposed by the malefic transit influences over significant weak natal plants. Long term mental and emotional instability issues are shown by weakness of and/or affiction significant natal plants, as listed below.
By understanding through case studies, what areas of the natal chart are weak with respect to mental health both in the natal chart and in transit, we can then see more clearly the complex but contributing long term of short term factors leading to the destabilization of mental health. By determining the activations and timing factors through observing the transits, main period, and bhuktis in effect, that may trigger an alert to upcoming tensions, we can repare our clients, our friends and/ or ourselves, for possible trying times with respect to mental and/or emotional instability of difficullty, By studying the Pranchamas (D-V), we can futher assess plantetary strengths weaknesses.
Signification of Psychiatric Problems :
.. Significant Planets : Signification of the mind is the Moon, Mercury rules nerves and communication capabilities controlled by the brain.
.. Significant houses : The fourth and the fifth.
.. Significant Signs : Cancer and Lea Natal afflicctions to the significantion plants, houses, and sign can causes the psychiatric difficulties and emotional problems to be active for long duration. Where transit afflictions can relate to shrot-term disturbanes.
4. Divisional Chart of Depressio : Divisional fifth-Panchamsa.
Emotional Health Significations :
Depression : the fifth house
Emotional Peace : the fifth and Moon
Mental Peace : The fourth and Moon
Nervous Control : The sixth and Mercury
General Karaka (significator) for the fifth : jupiter
General Karaka (significator) for the fourth : Moon and Venus.
Points to remember :
Mercury, ruling the analytical abilities, when badly placed or under the severe affiction of the moat malefic planer equal bhava madhya (midpoint) cause unmanageable anxity leading to depression, nervous breakdowns, hypertension, and insomnia, health, and general dispositon ae ruled by the first house, and are the additionally factored in.
The third house and Mercury rule mental growth, the third house and Mars rule intiatives, the fourth house rule the power of basic comprehension, and the house rules intelligence, emotional peace of mind, and depression. (Although beyond the scope of this discussion, severe natal weakness and/or affliction of the plants connected with the thirt, the fourth and the fifth houses, along with both the Moon and Mercury, and without any contact of benific offsetting influence, can result in severe mental handicaps, such as mental retardation.)
The overall natal weakness and/or affiction of the plants connected with the third, the fourth, adn the fifth houses, and/or both the Moon and Mercury, may in mental dificiencies for the native, inabilities to cope, and consequently bring upon the native anything from anxiety and depression, to full blown manic episode, depending upon the severity of affiction and weakness and the contributing nature of any influential contact. Both this sixth house and Mercury rule nervous control, which also factors into consideration when assessing determinants for anxiety.
For divisional Analysis we study :
1. The strenght fo the lord of the ascendant for the appropiate divisional.
2. The Moon.
3. The significator, (Jupiter for the divisional fifth)
4. And the lord (s) of the partcular significant/relevant houses in the rashi chart.
Note : Diagnosing states of Mental Health can be a lengtht process for professionals in the medical fielg, such as psychiatrists and psychologists.
As many aspect of the behaviour criteria, background, and motivational aspect of the patient must be thoroughly evaluated fo appropriate medical diagnosis. Often times the psychiatric medical diagnosis is followed by lengthy and diversified experimentation in medication, with the physician searching for the appro priate medicinal prescriptive relief for that partcular patient, while minimizing side effects. Often times these prescription intentions are met with unsuccessful result when it comes to finding the magic pill for behaviour modification or relief, because mental and emotional states of mind are based on so many internal and exteranal personal experiences, many of which remain a mystery to all but the patient.
Astrologer’s encounters similar experiences and investigation in their search, only we base our evalaution on the horoscope. Every individual horoscope is a woven pattern of unique energy at play, and this energy must be thoroughly synthesized and integrated before a conclusion can be drawn, especially with respect to something as delicate as states of mental health. The prescriptions we recommend are remedical measures with propitiation of the malefics. Although beyond the scope of this article. I advise all astrologers to become very familiar with remedial neasures, as often times they become the saving grace for those clients experiencing depression anxiety, and mood disorders.
What to do for remadies :- For weak afficated moon is causing disease, the native should strong him by.
1. He should do mantra japa & puja for moon.
2. He should were white clothes.
3. He should seek her mother blessing and in every morning. He should touch his months feet. (Charansparsh)
4. He should danate white items on Monday to a young Brahimn lady. (White sweet dishes, rice, silver, milk, curd, white clothes, white sandal, whith flowers etc.)
5. He should were a good quality peral in silver on the little finger of the right hand.


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