Mantras For Putra Prapti
It is also known as Santangopal Mantra. Recite it one lakh times for Mantra Siddhi. It has power to grant male offspring.
“Om Kleeng Shrreng Hreeng Jeeng Om Bhurbhuvah Swah Om Devaki Sut Govindam Vasudev Jagatpate Dehi Mey Tanayam Krishan Twamaham Sharanam Gatah Om Om Swah Bhuvah Bhuh Geeng Hreeng Shreeng Tweeng Om”
Mantras For Guru and self realisation
Guru should be worshipped every day in the morning immediately after waking up and before stepping out of the bed.
“Om Gurve Namah”
“Om Vasudevasutam Devam Kansachanurmardanam
Devakiparamanandam Krishnam VandeJagatgurum”
Devaguru Brihaspati is the spiritual teacher.
“Brim Brihaspataye Namah”
SUKRACHARYA MANTRA (Teacher of Materialism)
“Om Vastram Me Dehi Sukraya Swaha”
“Om Hreeng Kleeng Brahmaa Hari-Haraya Dattatreyay Namah”
Muniraj Datta was the son of Maharshi Atri and Anusuya. They lived in Saurashtra (Gujarat) and their Kuldevta is Sri Somanath. The fact that he was a Muni shows that his Ishta Devta was Vishnu. His most important works on Tantricism and the establishment of the Datta Parampara show his devotion to the Kuldevta Shiva. Thus, the worship of Shiva and Vishnu was encouraged in the Vedic times. In the form, which is advocated for worship, he has six arms with two each from Bramha, Vishnu and Shiva and is a composite mixture of all three divinities symbolizing A-U-M (Om in its transcendental form) Those people who do not have Guru in their lives can consider him their Guru.
Om Parambrahma Paramatmane Namah Utpattisthitipralayakaray Brahmahariharay
Trigunatmane Sarvakautukaani Darsaya Darsaya Dattatreyay Namah Mantra Siddhim Kuru Kuru Swaha
Mantras For Getting power, courage and physical stamina
“Om Hanumate Namah”
“Hang Pawan Nandnay Swaha”
“Hang Hanumate Rudratmakay Hung Phutt”
This is a very secret Mantra with unlimited power in it. It brings instant results. One becomes exceptionally powerful by chanting this Mantra. Lord Shiva had given this Mantra to Lord Krishna and He gave it to Arjuna. Arjuna had done the Siddhi of this manta. Recite this Mantra in an isolated and holy place. It should be recited at least . lakh times. Follow Bramhcharya during MantraSadhana.
“Om Namo Bhagwate Aanjneyaay Mahabalaay Swaha”
Recite this Mantra .1.00 times to eradicate diseases, evil spirits and other types of disturbances in one’s life.
Recite this Mantra 12000 times. It gives physical strength, stamina and power. All sorts of diseases, fear, evil eye, black magic, evil spirits, fear of weapon and sudden death etc. get eradicated with the impact of this Mantra


  1. My date of birth is 6….1961 which mantra to be chanted for quick benefit.let me know immediately, so that I can chant it today itself


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