How to Friendship with Girls—-
Its for all my friends whos face many difficullities to found a good girl friend.
Are you a shy guy? Do you get nervous in front of girls? While we tend to look at girls almost purely based on looks, girls look at us in a very different way. Although looks do play a role, there are much more to it. Confidence, sense of humor and intelligence counts for a lot more than what you think – which is really good news for most guys who are not born with the Brad Pitt gene. The qualities you need to attract the girl you really want are all things that you can work on and by becoming more confident and more relaxed in front of women you can have a lot more success.
Unless you are born with unusually good looks, women won’t approach you and ask you out. You are the one that will have to make the move. Unless you put yourself on the line and start meeting girls then you probably won’t ever find the right girl. It can be nerve wrecking at first but with a little practice you will become a natural.
Being confident is a really important “skill” you need to learn. Its something that is universally attractive. Its hows that you are sure of yourself and that you know where you are going. The flip side is that you are nervous, uncertain and not sure about yourself. Think about it. People who are like that are generally not well likes.
You can be confident in different areas of life but that kind of confidence with women is something that you need to learn. Approaching girls with confidence will more than double your chances of striking up a conversation, getting her interested and walking away with a phone number.
The fear of rejection keeps most of us from doing it though. Guys who consistently get to date attractive girls are simply those guys who learned to deal with rejection. You need to learn to “reject” rejection. If a girl is not interested in you then it does not mean that you are ugly, inferior or a loser. It simply means that . of the more than 1. million girls you could date was not interested on that particular day. There really are a lot of fish in the sea and you need to start striking out more if you want to be successful.
It’s all about your approach. Sachin Tendulkar struck out more than any other Cricket player in history and it’s because he struck out more than anyone else that you got to score the most home runs. Let that be an analogy for you are you start sharpening your skill of approaching women.


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