Tips for Early Marriage of Daughter—by Net Guru

Here under are given some tips to come over the obstacles that come in the way of settling the marriage of daughter.
.. On Thursday one should get (1) seven supari (.)seven Janeue (.) seven pieces of haldi (4) seven pieces of gur (5) seven yellow flowers (6) seventy grams chane ki daal (7) seventy centimeter yellow cloth (8) seven yellow coinds or seven brass pieces (9) one pandreh yantra. After worshipping Ma-Parvati, keep in your house and wish and pray fro marriage for forty days. Soon omens of marriage will appear.
2. Get (1) Lal Chura (2) Lal Chunaria (3) Red Flowers (4) Henna (5) Roli (6) Lal Jora (7) Red Ribbon (8) Seven glass bangles of red color; take it to ‘Shiv temple’ and offer to Ma Parvati. Pray to virgin Parvati for early marriage and suitable husband. By doing this faithfully marriage is celebrated within a year.
3. Goto Shiva Temple and worship and pray Shiva Parvati with faith. Put a tilak of the moss of the water channel and take the water flowing from the channel outside as Prasad.
4. Offering 1.8 peopal leaves on shivaling everyday in the month Shravan helps in early marriage of the boy or a girl.


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