Kitchen is an extremely important part of the house where healthy food is prepared for the family.

  1. When we talk of ‘kitchen’ in terms of Vastu Shastra, we talk of the South-East angle of our house which is called ‘Agney’. ‘Agni’ is the God of this direction and is ruled by planet Venus. Therefore kitchen is best suited here because the tasks performed in the kitchen is related to Fire.
  • Agney is also related to the health and longevity of the inhabitants and Venus determines the beauty, vastness and richness of the house. Therefore it is very important to have a neat and clean, vastu-compliant kitchen in our house for health and prosperity. Any fault in this direction will cause ill-health of the inhabitants and unexpected expenses of the house-hold.
  • We are what we eat and what we eat greatly depends on the mindset of the person preparing food which can be enhanced by creating a right atmosphere in the kitchen.
  • Sink in the kitchen should always be in the North-East angle and away from the cooking gas.
  • Place the gas stove in the South-east angle and always face the East while you cook.
  • Generally medium Red to Pink colour is recommended for the kitchen, but in case the native has a powerfully placed Venus in the Birth-chart, white or cream colour is more advisable as it begets more riches in the household. However, natives with a malefic Venus on the Birth-chart should completely avoid White in the kitchen to avoid failures.
    Kitchen is the best place for serving food and an ideal direction would be West or North-West avoiding the centre.
  • Refrigerator can be placed in the North-West or South-West, but the micro-wave, exhaust fan, mixer, etc. should be placed in the South-East.
  • Water filter and drinking water should be stored in the North-East.
  • Kitchen should not be opposite to the main door.
  • The walls of the kitchen should not be broken, dirty or dull as this creates an environment of disappointment, conflict and anger.
  • Avoid place of worship in the kitchen.
  • Kitchen in the South-west angle will make life hell.
  • Kitchen in the North will cause excessive and sudden expenses.
  • Avoid leaky taps.


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