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Worship of Contemporary human incarnation—-

Lord Datta means God given to the world in human form for the upliftment of humanity and hence, He is the highest as far as humanity is concerned from the point of convenience in worship. He is the only means of reaching/serving/pleasing the Lord. Lord Jesus stressed the same when He told ‘I am the only way’ and Lord Krishna said it through ‘Vasudevah Sarvamiti…’ in the Gita. Such, Lord in human form is called the human incarnation.

The ‘I’ in the above statement of Jesus refers to the human incarnation of Lord only, who comes in every generation otherwise, He becomes partial for a generation of people, place and time. The scriptures of both Christianity & Hinduism i.e., Bible and Gita support the human incarnation concept through the statements ‘God-in-flesh and Manushim Tanumaasritam…’ respectively. Even in Islam also, Mohammed is treated as a Prophet, which definitely means, He is above normal human beings because all the human beings are not treated as Prophets.

The worship of such contemporary human incarnation/Prophet gives the highest fruit as in the case of Hanuman (attained the post of future creator), who worshipped Lord Rama and Gopikas (attained Goloka), who worshipped Lord Krishna. Likewise, the disciples of Jesus, Mohammed Prophet, Buddha, Shankara, Mahavir, Rama Krishna Paramahamsa and Shirdi Sai worshipped the respective human incarnation only as Lord.

Worship means not mere words and feelings, but by participating in His mission through service, which consists of donating money & physical service. His mission is only to spread the divine knowledge and devotion in this world and to uplift everybody.

Human birth, urge for salvation and to come in contact with the human incarnation are the three real fortunes and the importance increases from left to right in the order (Manushyatvam, Mumukshatvam, Mahapurasha Samsrayah Durlabham—Shankara).

At lotus feet of Datta Swami


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