Vastu for Plot—-

Vastu is basically a science of structures and completely deals with the directions. Vastu Shastra is a big field and one can find many remedies for the well-being. There are many things to be taken in to consideration while deciding to construct a building. Of the most important things, plot selection, plot size, and plot shape are extremely crucial. Hence, it is always advisable to take consultation from vastu shastra expert before purchasing a plot, site, flat, house, or any other building rather than taking his advice in the later part of construction.
From whom should a plot not be bought? The answer to this question is provided by vastu shastra and as per it, a plot, land, or site should never be purchased from people who became insolvent, troubled from leprosy, lunatics, or who are not in country, etc. Likewise, sites that are given in donation to temples, assigned to watchman of colony or village, lands possessed by charitable trusts, and sites with no title deed should not be bought. Also, lands holding boulders, worm hills, ant hills, skeleton, and bones should not be acquired.
In which direction should a plot or site face? The direction of the plots plays a very important role in its construction. Different directions are beneficial for various types of persons and organizations. Let’s take a look on them. Plots which face the east direction are considered good for philosophers, professors, scholars, teachers, and priests whereas plots that face the west direction helps the people who truly support the society. Also, plots facing the north are good for people in administration, power, government jobs. The plots facing south are considered best for the business class and people who work in business concerns.
An extremely important factor where light is to be thrown is at the surroundings or environment of the plots. If the environment is not good, the resulting problems come in many ways. Hence, it is crucial to look at the following aspects:

It is best to construct plots where lands are fertile with plants and greeneries.
A big canal or the river located on the north side and its water flowing from west to east is a good sign. The same way if the river is on the east side with water flowing from south to north, is also considered good.
If there are mounds of Earth, big boulders, and hills towards the south west, southern, and western sides of the site or plot, it is good. Otherwise, it would affect the progress.
It should be ensured that no cemetery, tomb, or graveyard lie close to the plot either front or back.
Also, plots near to temples have a chance to affect the inmates. Plots having temple towards its right causes material loss, on the left causes sorrow and grief, and in the front it causes obstruction to develop.
Thus, keeping these things in mind, it is very important to consult an expert in vastu shastra before constructing the building as it renders happiness and prosperity ever through the life relieved from problems.


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