There are some very fine juices of great experience…which our ancient rishis
have left for us to nourish,admire and understand…and Saravali by kalyan
verma is one such great text…
Though most of the astrologers must have read this text…but still many of us
tend to neglect some great combinations…as they dont seem to be so great in
our very first vision…
So I will be reproducing only those kind of combinations from this text….to
bring these combinations again to your radar screen and focus…
A valorous king is denoted, who will acquire kingdom with his own might, if the
Moon is placed on the .5th degree of any Sign, but obtaining 5 Vargas of one
and the same Sign.
.) If Saturn occupies the 5th degree of Capricorn, a fortunate king is born,
who will be adorable on the earth, be meritorious and be interested in
.) Saturn in the 11th, Jupiter with Venus in the Ascendant, the Moon in the, the Sun in the 4th, Mercury in the 2nd along with Mars: this
configuration will make one a king endowed with vast Army, wealth and
4) If Mars is placed in the 7th degree of Aries, or in the 21st degree of
Gemini, the native will become a king.
5) If the Moon is in the 8th degree of Aquarius identical with a Trine one will
become a king, who will be favourable to all.
6) If at birth the Moon is positioned in the 15th degree of Aquarius, or in the
10th degree of Cancer, one will become a king.
7) If the Full Moon in Pisces is in aspect to a friendly planet, the subject
will become an emperor whose orders be obeyed by all.
8) Even though the native may have been born out of wedlocks, the Moon with
Saturn in an Angle will make on wealthy king.
9) If the Moon is aspected by Jupiter from Taurus, the native will rule over
the entire earth.
10) If the Moon is aspected by any planet from its exaltation/Moolatrikona/own
Sign, even a hunter will become a king.
11) Even a villager will become a king, if he has Saturn in the Ascendant and
Jupiter in the 7th, one of them being in aspect to Venus.
12) The native will doubtless become a king, if Venus rises in a Rasi of
Jupiter in aspect to Jupiter himself, while Mercury is in exaltation.
13) If the Moon is in the 3rd, or the 10th House, while Jupiter is exalted, the
native will be a ruler of the entire earth endowed with Lakshmi, the Goddess of
14) If Jupiter is exalted and is simultaneously in an Angle, while Venus
occupies the 10th, the subject will be a famous king, lording over the entire
15) If Jupiter occupies the Ascendant, other than Capricorn, one born will be a
king endowed with elephants etc.
16) When even the weak Moon in exaltation can herself produce a king what of
Full Moon in exaltation ?
17) If the Full Moon occupies an Angle other than the Ascendant, the native
will be a king endowed with wealth, conveyances and valour.
18) If Venus is in aspect to Jupiter, the native will become a valorous king
possessing many elephants.
19) Should the Ascendant Lord in exaltation aspect the Moon, the subject will
become a king endowed with wealth and conveyances and will conquer his enemies.
20) One will become a fortunate king and endowed with fame and success over
rivals, if exalted Moon aspects both Mercury and Venus.
21) The subject will be a ruler endowed with perennial wea1th, if the Moon
occupies the Navansa of a bosom friend in aspect to Venus.
22) Should the Moon, Jupiter and Venus be, respectively, positioned in Pisces,
Cancer and Aquarius, the native will become a ruler.
23) Should Jupiter be in Cancer, while Mars occupies Aries identical with the
Ascendant, or should both Jupiter and Mars be in Aries Ascendant, the native
will become a ruler whose enemies dare not approach him, while his minister
will be favourable to him.
24) One will become an unconquerable king, with knowledge of the Vedas, if he
takes birth in Capricorn Ascendant with exalted Mars, if it opposed by Full
Moon in Cancer.
25) If exalted Sun is in the Ascendant along with the Moon, the native will
become a ruler, who will be endowed with pleasing appearance and with whose
very reminiscence the enemies will shed tears and will sparkle fire of grief in
their hearts.
26) Should the Moon be in the 4th House simultaneously falling in a watery
Navansa and be with all her splendour, while a benefic is in its own House
identical with the Ascendant and malefics are away from Angles, a king is born.
27) Should the Moon be in her deep exaltation degree in aspect to Venus, while
all malefics are relegated to 3rd, 6th, 9h and 12th Houses, one will become a
28) If the Ascendant Lord and the Moon Sign Lord are together in an Angle at
birth, in aspect to auspicious and friendly planets, unaspected by malefics and
not being defeated by enemies, the native will become a plentiful king.
Alternatively the Moon should be in Lagna and the Lagna Lord in the 9th
thereof. The black forest bees consuming the ichor of his Army elephants will
sing the glory of such native in all directions.
29) Even, if one planet occupies its own Panchamsa, the subject will become a
ruler. If all are endowed with strength he becomes an emperor. Notes: Panchamsa
division is a little bit different from Trimsamsa. In odd Signs the Panchamsa
(i.e. 6 degrees in length) rulerships are in order: Mars, Saturn, Jupiter,
Mercury and Venus. The reverse holds good in the case of even Signs.
30) If the Moon is aspected by any planet from its exaltation/Moolatrikona/own
Sign, even a hunter will become a king.
31) If the Moon is in a watery Sign/Navansa, while benefic is in the Ascendant
and in his own Amsa, the native will become a ruler endowed with many elephants
and the like. In this Yoga, malefics should, however, not be in Angles.
32) If the Lord of the Ascendant is in the Ascendant itself, or is in a
friendly Sign in aspect to a friendly planet, the native will become a ruler,
destroying his enemies, provided there is a benefic in the Ascendant.
OUT OF 185 RAJ YOGAS mentioned in the Saravali …these were the 32..which I really


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