How to use LAL KITAB Remedies????–Astrologer Vind Goel
.. The Lalkitab Remedies should be performed between sunrise and sunset. Performing remedies during night is sometimes harmful. Only the remedy of lunar eclipse should be performed at night.
.. There is no need to start the remedy on any particular day, such as Monday, Tuesday, ingress, Amavasya (no moon) or full moon etc.
.. A blood relation, such as brother, sister, mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, son, daughter etc can perform remedies for desired results.
4. Do only one ” Lal Kitab Remedy” in a day. Two remedies in a day will not render good results, or may be futile.
5. The restraints recommended, such as ‘Do not take meat or fish’, Avoid alcohol’, ‘Maintain good character’, ‘Do not tell lies, ‘Do not take leftover food or give it to others’, ‘Do not be dishonest’, ‘Do not maintain illicit relations’ etc should be followed.
6. A remedy recommended up to a certain time should be stopped there after.
7. If due to any reason a remedy has to be stopped midway, take some rice one day earlier, wash it with milk, tie it in a white cloth and keep with you. When the remedy is restarted, donate the rice at a religious place, or offer it to running water, or place it in a garden and resume the remedy. By this method the remedy will not be considered incomplete and full results will be achieved.
8. All “Lal Kitab Remedies” have to be continued for 43 days, or 43 weeks, or 43 months, or 43 years. If the schedule is broken in the middle, even you the 39th day, all efforts may be futile, or output of results may get reduced.
9. The remedy for unfavourable Varshphal Horoscope (Annual Horoscope) should be performed within 4. to 43 days from birthday.
10. The “Lal Kitab Remedies” should not be performed if there is a birth or death at home.
11. Do not break the traditions of ancestors and perform all rituals.


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