Staircase…vaastu tips–Net Guru
If the steps leading to the entrance are damaged or broken, then the master of the house will face problems with his career and his expenses will soar.
The number of steps in stairs should be odd. It should not end with zero. The number of risers should be such odd numbers that if divided by ., the remainder is always ..
Must be located as far as possible to the South or S-W portion of the building.
The rise of the staircase should be from east to west or north to south. A clockwise movement is beneficial.
While ascending the staircase, the face should be either towards the north or the east.
Do not design staircase of a building in the north-east portion.
According to the principles of Vastu Shastra the staircase can be constructed in any direction except North-East. If in some old house, the staircase is in the North-East, then a room should be constructed in South-East to lessen its ill-effects.
Paint staircase in light colors. Avoid red and black color.
Do not make staircase circular as it may cause ill effects on health.
Do not build any room such as kitchen, bathroom and �Pooja� room under staircase. However it can be used for storage.
Do not use common staircase for going upstairs and basement.


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