Vastu For Bedroom–by Net Guru
Vastu for bedroom is registering increased searches since it has become imperative to adhere to Vastu Principles to ensure peace and harmony in the shrinking world. Vaastu Shastra gives effective Vastu architecture that balances the cosmic energy flow in this part of your house where you spend around one third of your life. Below we give you some Vastu Tips for planning the right bed direction and the placement of other furniture in your bedroom.
Vastu Tips for Bedroom—-
The master bedroom is best suitable for the South West corner of the house for complete control over the household.
Children’s room should lie either on the North or East of the master bedroom.
The South West corner should not be for the children’s room or for an unmarried girl in the family.
The guest room should occupy the North West corner.
The Vastu bed direction is South to North that allows you a sleeping position of your head in the South and feet pointing North. Vastu advocates avoiding head in North or West while sleeping.
The South West portion of your bedroom can be occupied with heavy furniture like almiras and wardrobes.
The dressing table or mirror should be placed on the Eastern or Northern walls and strictly not facing the bed. This ensures a blissful married life.
The Vastu Colors ideal for your bedroom are soft pastel shades of blue, green and off white. Avoid cark & very bright colors in the bedroom.
It is not advisable to have an aquarium or real plants in the bedroom.
If you have an attached bathroom, make sure it does not directly face your bed and the door is closed at all times.


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