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All individuals on this world aim to pass their life with the person whom they love admire and cherish. But! This does not happen with everyone. In India only, there are numerous cases of domestic violence registered on daily basis. Though you might have chosen your partner yourself, it may not turn out as per your expectations later. You may find yourself and your relationship in dwindle, exactly opposite to what you had planned for your life. You might be quite surprised to hear, that the improper settlement of decoration in your house can also ruin your lovely relationship. Not only the love life but also your own health and the business can be affected by the same.
Guidelines for Blissful Married Life – Vaastu Way
Basically the main sleeping room should be faced in south-west part of home. The south-east side is the place of “GOD OF FIRE”, so just avoid to have a room there, it will create more differences with your beloved.
Your double bed should be placed in the south-west phase and also keep in mind while sleeping your head should be south facing. It’s also noted that, if the bed is placed in north and east face than couples face psychological illnesses and also financial crunch.
The recent trends have brought wrought iron bed in, but according to Vaastu only wooden beds should be considered while you design your home.
Many young couples try for some new designs like circles and other different art designs for bedroom. But basically room should have only square or rectangular shape for peaceful married life.
The color of energy- ‘Red’ is also color of blood, so this color should be neglected as paint. Some lavish colors like bottle-green, light sky-blue, pinkish are effective one to be used.
The two angels “GOD OF WATER” and “GOD OF FIRE” should be placed properly, and if not done, there will be dispute within family members according to Vaastu. Every individual have his own commanding planet that represent its characteristic in similar way, if the water and fire are not placed properly than this dispute may turn to worse.
Almost all family keeps penknife and cutters in open, for example individuals tend to keep nail cutters in bathroom. The other edible items like pickle and other sauces may also be kept in open. This should be totally avoided, it seems small in nature but there effects are larger than they look. This can lead to unhealthy and bitter affairs.
The young duo desiring for kid should avoid to rest in the north-east room. The hard alluring vibes will be dealing as hurdle. The next thing to be kept in mind is that the bedroom should not have any pointed accessories like knives; also the room color should be light. The toilet attached rooms sometimes have tanks placed below the ceiling which should be completely avoided.
The most common mistake made by architects these days is that they place LCD and dressing tables within room. It looks good and gives nice view to room, but Vaastu doesn’t allow this. Although you have LCD/computer in your room, than just try to cover it with a cloth while you go to bed.
The sculpture and art object of worriers or demise or anything that gives pessimistic vibration should not be kept in your home.
Completely avoid sitting, resting and eating under the beam, this will ruin your health and also will give mental and other anxiety.
The main locker of the home that is used as a reserve bank of home should be phase in north/east side. This way it will add on interest to your money and bring you more prosperity.


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