Why vastu is important…????—JYOTI PANCHOLI—
Vastu Shastra is based on various natural energies which are available free of cost in the atmosphere like:
Solar energy from Sun
Lunar energy from Moon
Earth energy
Sky energy
Electric energy
Magnetic energy
Thermal energy
Wind energy
Light energy
Cosmic energy
Utilization of such energies gives us pleasure,peace & prosperity..
There . forces in action to create harmony-Wind,Water & Fire.If these forces are kept in appropriate places,there wil be no disturbance.But if water is placed in fire place & wind in water place or any other combination the forces will start acting accordingly causing disharmony because fire pollutes wind with smoke,water extinguishes fire ,etc.
Although,Vastushastra lost its glory during the Mughal rule & then further damaged by the British, it still exists.
Mughals damaged our ancient buildings & reconstructed them as they wished & completely overlooked the principles of Vastushastra.
The ships passing by the sea adjoining the Konark Sun Temple in Orissa used to sail near the temple attracted by the magnetic power of the stones & were able to sail further only after sunset.The British destroyed the rocks of magnetic power of the temple by dynamite.However the temple exists on the sea beach even today.
The whole city of Jaipur was constructed as per the principles of Vastu by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh in .7.7 A.D.
The Balaji Temple of Tirupati is the most prosperous temple with Vastu qualities.
Other examples of Vastu constructions is the Joshi Haveli of Jodhpur, Vidyaranya Temple of Shrangeri, Dashavtar temple of Devgarh, Venkateshwar Temple of Tirupati, Meenakshi Temple of Madurai, Sai Baba Ashram of Puttaparthi & Mahakaleshwar Temple of Ujjain.
It can only be imagined how the knowledge of Vastu must have prospered among the people of Italy.The Pyramids which were constructed thousands of years ago still exist in the same form.Even today the mummies are safely kept in those pyramids.
Our environment is made up of the five elements- Jal, Vayu, Aakash, Prithvi, Agni(water,gas,space,earth and fire), and so is our body too, made up of these five elements!
Until the balance of these five elements is maintained in our body, we remain healthy and happy,thus maintaining our mental balance!
In the same way, proper balance of the five elements in our environment is equally important for a peaceful life!
There are many planets in the universe , however life exists only on the Earth because of these five elements.
Earth energy or the energy released by earth or land is called Vastu Purusha, where ‘Vastu’ is the land or place & ‘Purusha’ is the energy of that place.
A vacant plot has free flowing energy which is disturbed to a great extent by construction of walls,doors,windows,etc (not following the rules of vastu).This disbalance of energy causes disturbance in the natives life which can be rectified by Vastu Shastra.
Nowadays,a growing trend of Vastu for Office has been noticed in the architecture and interior designing world.
To ensure good profits and efficiency in work, people design their workplace as per the norms of Vastushastra.
Office, which is so important for our livelihood, should follow vastu guidelines because vastu office ensures smoothness of work in the office premises and thus more profits and progress.Also,it is very important that the office should be in control of the owner.
Sometimes, one has to face unexplained losses in business, unsuccessful projects at the work place and many such failures.We might not realize but the past problems associated to our office might have been due to a Vastu Dosha in the office plan.
If offices are not made according to Vastu principles, there will be no balance of energies thus less efficiency of the employees, unability to do work; owner may not manage the staff and thus failure.
Some Vastu tips for office which will balance the cosmic energy flowing through your work area:-
The advisable placement of treasury or safe is best suited with face towards the North.
Try to keep the North direction free of any heavy furniture like almirahs or racks.
The work table of the boss should be placed facing the entrance door with a picture of mountains on the back wall.
The entrance of an office should not face a blank wall.
The financial condition will suffer if there is a boring or tube well or an underground tank in the South direction.
A picture of particular God and Goddess symbolizing that direction and proper placement of mirrors brings financial gains to the business.
A well placed aquarium or a fountain will have a soothing affect on the customers and guests.
A dirty, dark and congested entrance is bad for business and will keep away customers.
It is better to have a large main door.
There should be no obstacle in the opening of any door.
Central zone of the office premises should be kept empty.
We have to take care of the following points while studying about the vastu of the offices:—–
The exteriors of the office like shape, slope, height, water level.Generally, a square or rectangular plot is preferable.
The direction of the Entrance.
The direction & placement of the windows.It is advisable to have more windows in the North and East.
The location of the beams.
The location of the basement.
The direction & placement of the MD room
The direction & placement of the employees.
The direction & placement of the reception.
The direction & placement of AC, cooler, audio systems.
The direction and placement of the stairs.
The direction & placement of the electronic equipment
The direction & placement of the pantry/kitchen
The direction & placement of the toilets
The direction & placement of the seminar and conferences room
The direction & placement of the water products
The colour scheme of the room


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