Rules for Wearing Rudraksha—by Dr. Anjna Agarwal
Precautions in Wearing Rudraksha Beads—
Though Rudraksha Beads are God’s gift to mankind. In general the wearer and the worshipper of Rudraksha is blessed with prosperity, peace and health yet there are following precautions need to be taken :—-
.. Rudraksha must be worn after Sidhhi. It should be worn on auspicious day.
.. Rudraksha Mantra and Rudraksha Origin Mantra is to be chanted daily 9 times while wearing in the morning and after removing before going to bed
4. The wearer of the Rudraksha should avoid non vegetarian food and should not take alcohol.
5. Rudraksha must not be taken to the cremation grounds and funerals. Also it must not be taken to the place while visiting a new born baby.
6. Rudraksha should not be worn during sexual intimacy.
7. Women should not wear the Rudraksha during their menstrual cycle.
8. Rudraksha is hot in nature. Some people just can’t wear it. Their skin shows signs of allergy. For them Rudraksha beeds should be kept in Mandir or Puja room and offer daily Namaskars.
9. Rudrakasha beads should always be worn in a cotton thread or a gold or a silver chain.
Care of Rudraksha Bead—-
1. Keep the Rudraksha beads in a clean place.
2. Always clean the beads occasionally with a brush with soft bristles.
.. Oil the beads occasionally. Bitter oils like mustard oil (sarson) or Sesame oil/Gingelly Oil (til) can be used for this purpose.
4. Do not wear the Rudraksha beads while sleeping. The beads may break due to pressure. The beads may be kept under the pillow.
5. Rosary, if used for mantra chanting then do not wear the same on the body.


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