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1. IPR Case-Shyam Singh Thakur on Maths(0 to infinity)

Due to negligence from the Government of India, a case on Intellectual Property right was lost in our own nation. Still we have time. …
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Mr Shyam Singh Thakur, obtained International Copy Right order ’99 issued by the Govt. of India Reg. No. L-18402/99 dated 24.6.99 on 00 difference calculation method (0 to infinity) which pertains to electromagnets management, maths for uncertainty principles, coding and decoding in computers, arithmatic geometry encompassing practical applications such as technology of mobile phone identification. The abstract of the said copy right held by Mr. Shyam Singh Thakur is as under:-
It is worhwhile to mention here that Mr. Shyam Singh Thakur filed a suit on 11th Sept 2001 for prohibitory injunction against the GSM Association, London (Global Association representing interests of more than 613 mobile phone operators functioning in 205 countries). The High Court of MP Jabalpur, India in its order dated 12th January 2004 asked the District Court, Jabalpur to continue to process the said suit vide citation2004(2) MPLJ 165, Shyam Singh vs GSM Association
The detailed write up on the above mentioned IPR is as under:-
Intellectual Property Rights held by Mr. Shyam Singh Thakur on 0 to infinity
The very name we know India by Bharat, gives us the necessary clue, Bha means Light & knowledge and rata means devoted. Bharat means devoted to Light & Knowledge. Hence the land and its citizen devoted to Light & Knowledge. From the Puranic time, India is continuously managing its Intellectual Property. The model, which Modern Science is searching for, is already available in Sankhya Yoga. The Sankhya Yoga like intellectual property is unparallel in the world. The Government of India issued its International Copyright L/18402/99 on 24.06.1999
Computer Science gives it the name “Digital decade”. Cosmology presents it in the name of Uncertainty Principle. It is being researched in the form of quantum (wave & particle) in the department of Physics. In future, it will be known as Medical Engineering. Nature represents itself through Mathematical “Zero”. The present article on Management of Intellectual Property duly based on experiences will lead the world for Indian Scientists & Industries under the laws governed by the World Trade Organization.
Rights for the intellectual property is a typical decision of an era. Original Scientific Certification Performa (Copyright, Patent, Trademark) are the main documents which are based on Contracts & Conditions as laid down by the World Trade Organization for commercial advantage of the production capacity to the Western countries. This stand is lawfully permissible also but putting the condition for Grant in order to maintain the production capacity is unfair on the part of World trade.
1. Foundation of Intellectual Knowledge.
Now the question comes up that unless otherwise mathematically proved, no scientific achievement can be claimed as scientific. It is India’s greatest contribution in the form of Sankhya Yoga towards Intellectual Property, that made world reach up to such a high stage of knowledge. The Decimal calculation system, the invention & contribution of India, known as computer era, is initial level of science (copyright Digitalization). The Ministry of Human Resource & Development, Government of India released International Copyright order 1999 on 24.06.1999 on Y2K (Sankranti) Natural Counting System with the number L/18402/99, when the whole world of science was caught into the Y2K problem.
This system is of the peculiarity that it counts the difference between two zeros. That means from zero to infinity. This is the counting system which is based on zero, without the use of zero. The knowledge of Sankhya Yoga was prevailing in India only. Very first verse of the Gita is also there. Time has reached to the moment that Indian Intellectual Knowledge can be well understood by the whole world. It is the Zero which represents the nature (Static & Kinetic). It is becoming more clear now. (Figure 1)

(2) The Best Intellectual Knowledge
The very first discourse in the Bhagavad Gita is on Sankhya Yoga. Lord Krishna asked Arjun to follow the Sankhya Yoga after Arjuna’s request for divine guidance while trying to keep himself away from violence. The knowledge given on the occasion is known as Digitalization by the science which is the initial level of knowledge. Maharishi Kapil has given this knowledge first time ever to Rishi Satkam Jabala. Then it took the form of mathematics in its development in succession. Swastik Mathematics from Vedic mathematics which is from Sankhya Yoga is a counting model of 17 and 45 zeros. Now America keeps a sharp-eye on Mathematics Gita which is copyright protected. In this number system, the word is written the same way as it is pronounced generally in Sanskrit which solves the problem of linguistic (language- science).
(3) Intellectual Copying
National Geographic Magazine is published from D.C. Washington. A picture titled “Mapping the universe” is released in its issue of October 1999 on page No. 30 with the artists name on the bottom right. With the fundamental rights, NASA scientists claim that all the similar theories if found are “Theory for everything”. Electric Energy is all around the universe. .ile Communication proves this also. W.L.L. phone has been converted into satellite (Iridium) phone. This is again a discovery in the field of mathematics. Now 90000 million can be written in three figure.
Thus the scientific research in the space is very challenging one. The whole world witnessed two inestimable accident while traveling through the space of which the calculations were based on the scientific laws which are applicable on earth. The research work, by Kalpana Chawla from 16 January 2003 to 1 February 2003 by NASA, an American Institut
ion, in the space in the area of Unified Field is known as “Terminal Count Down Demonstration Test Activities” or “Simulated Launch Count Down System”. This will be utilized for raising a space station for further traveling in the space.
In the second experiment the Russian Space shuttle fell down 5oo KM away from the prescribed station. American rocket smashed due to error in the calculation on the basis of static. The calculations were based on static for American Rocket and on Kinetic for Russian Rocket. The above turned out due to the Uncertainty Principle given by scientist Heigenberg in 1926. Space traveling is not possible till we do not get the system which calculates simultaneously for the both (Static & Kinetic). The scientist presently can not calculate for the static & kinetic simultaneously. With the accuracy you calculate one, the other gets less accurate results. You can see the point of the system as explained further. Here violation of copyright act of figure 1 is clearly evident in figure 2.

(4) Uncertainty Principle
The earth is a point in the space. The nine major planets are revolving in its own orbits. Keeping itself stationary the earth is revolving also in its orbit . Everything is in static & kinetic movement. The same is called “from zero till infinity” in Science of Veda and “Unified theory” in Modern Science. The above is well analyzed in the chapter 4 in the book titled “A brief history of time” written by Stephen Hawking.
Based on this theory 17 zero counting system is prevalent in India. On the page No. 79 & 103 in a book titled “Swastik Mathematics ” by Shankaracharya Swami Nishchalanand of Jagannath Puri Urissa, which was published in 2000, it is made clear that “counting should start from zero and zero should be divided into nine divisions”. This can be proved from the summary of the Vedas, my copyright and the matter appeared on page no. 30 in the issue of October 1999 of National Geographic. India owns a separate science for Intellectual Property. I have taken the patent for the model of the counting system of 17 zeros in Vedas, 45 zeros & 90 zeros in Budhhism.
Modern science is familiar with single zero counting system. Whereas Veda & Nature recognize double zero counting system. It is law of nature which rules the science. Everything is available in advance in Nature. When a man happened to know some law of nature, he gives the name of invention or discovery to that. However it is not shaping a new law, on the contrary it is simply a finding from nature. The intellectual property right goes favorable toward the person who has identified the law of nature in very beginning, ahead of others. All the above is available in Sankhya Yoga. Modern science is in search of the same mathematics. It is made clear by Stephen Hawking in his book on page no. 136 by writing the million million 14 times for 85 zeros that for further growth, zeros are vital.
(5) The Efforts by America
Shri Bhu Dev Sharma, Professor of Mathematics in Clark Atlanta University, America & Ex founder – Vice Chancellor of Hindu University of America gave the enlightening information that “There are so many original theories & secrets lying hidden in mathematics in Vedas that the discovery of those can play havoc in the field of Information Technology.
He also informed that Japan by translating the Vedas in Japanese language is exploring the new horizon in the field of mathematics. The same applies to Germany also. In America, History of mathematics is taught in a separate department. Vedic mathematics is taught also as a subject. It was regretted that the area of Vedic Mathematics was not well explored in the Indian Universities. It will be appropriate under these circumstances to open Chronology Department in India.
An institution namely “American Forum for Indisciplinary Mathematics” was formed for various functioning in the field of mathematics. A session was called in the University of Southern America on 3 to 5 October in 2003. The same will be convened in India one year after the above. This is the real Intellectual Property. There exists a copyright society as far as India is concerned under the International copyright order 1999 as International Copyright was in effect from 6 April 1999 in India. As per the international system, the nation which have got the Intellectual Property, should claim its rights in World Trade Organization through Copyright Society.
(6) Copyright Society
Copyright Society should be formed under Indian Copyright rule 1958 Indian Copyright Act 1957 so that it should consist of at least 7 memberships of copyright holders having the same nature of copyright. under chapter VII section 33 under Act 1957/ Rule 12 of chapter V of Rule 1958.
As per the special information about the Intellectual property in Agriculture, as given by Shri R. A. Mashelkar, Director General, Scientific & Industrial Research Council in a conference, 36000 formulae were digitized of 17 scriptures from Ayurveda in the last 18 months which was the earliest in the world. Still it is a safeguard only. Why not ourselves be equipped with the sword for trade advantages. A nation affluent with Intellectual Knowledge and unemployed youth is simply saving itself from the attack of copyright, patent etc..World Trade organization has given equal rights to all. Due to negligence from the Government of India, a case on Intellectual Property right was lost in our own nation. Still we have time. Doordarshan India is to produce the evidence in the case no. F.A. 509/2002 in the High Court, Jabalpur on the programme telecast on 09.07.2001against Global Service Mobile organization which serves 171 nation. Hence the biggest Intellectual & financial case ever.
(7) Science in Future
New discovery in Southern College in New York through “Plastic Mechanism” in Optimetry made the blinds see. The scientists clarified that the angles in the robot were taken from senior astrolgers and chinese painters. A new scientific study from Television. German & British scientists has invented that the sectret message can be sent through figures in the light waves on some angles. They made it clear that it was not the science of angles. They will provide the technology in next seven years. Our Government of India is still thinking on it. Deputy Prime Minister making the statement on 4 September 2002 in Bhopal about safeguarding the Intellectual Property finds himself safe Home Minister. How can a nation who could not save its Intellectual Property, can defend itself. India holds an international copyright for counting the difference in two zeros. This is the future of the nation.
(8) Contribution of our ancestors
Now it is clear that the Intellectual Property which India possess is under the copyright act. Because whatsoever be the knowledge, is already written in Vedas. It is not discovered recently. It it were so, we could have the international copyright patent and trademark number assigned to it. We can save ourselves in World Trade Oganization in the name of our ancestors, but not take the advantage of trading. On the contrary we have ample stores of knowledge from the time immortal. No nation possesses the knowledge of Sankhya Yoga which is highest Intellectual Property of science.
(9) Formation of National Policy
The citizens of our nation are unemployed even if they possess the high level knowledge. It is the high time to make the sword by claiming of copyright patent number. Mathematics is the Original Intellectual knowledge. Copyright Society should be formed by the Government of India because the laws pertaining to the world trade permits it. The Government & citizens both are being misled by forming the soci
ety under laws pertaing to general society. For the national intellectual leadership it is indispensable. We do not need a shield but the sword. It is national property. It is dedicated to the nation so that national can claim its rights on quantum computer in the world. Hence the cooperation from all unions, institutions and oraganizations is the biggest sense, which are sought for.
Scope of Utilization of above Copy Rights
WTO and International Copyright order 99.Indian Copyrighat act 1957amended 1999.

Appeal No. CIC/WB/A/2006/00365 dated 5.6.2006
Right to Information Act 2005 – Section 19
Appellant: Shri Shyam Singh Thakur
Respondent: Deptt. of Science & Technology.
Shri Shyam Singh Thakur of Shahpura, Bhopal applied to PIO, Deptt.
of Science & Technology on 5.1.06 seeking the following information :
1. How many Projects on “Aapda Anusandhan” have been proposed and
sanctioned, which will be getting financial assistance of the Govt. of
India. Detailed information along with the name and amount be given.
2. On the basis of “Theory of uncertainty” that the simultaneous
calculations of status and dynamics of nature cannot be done has been
proved. No research can be scientific in absence of the mathematical
principle. However, in this case if there is any principle, ‘fair use’
certificate may be given.
3. As per clause 9.2 of the Copyright and Related Rights Act of WTO
within TRIPPS, ‘fair use’ has been defined. How many projects have
been certified with ‘fair use’ as per the clarification of TRIPPS ?
4. If the policies at Sr. No. 2 & 3 have not been followed then all outcome
of research becomes illegal. Keeping this in view why the FIR has not
been registered with the police as the matter is of national security.
From the letter of Shri A.K.Barua, it is clear that by 26.12.2005 the
concerned authority had full knowledge of this, yet why an FIR could
not be registered, should be clarified.
In response to this application vide his letter dated 3.2.06, Shri
A.K.Barua, CPIO Deptt. of Science & Technology sent the following reply :
1. In reference to item No. 2 of your application, it is informed that the
information asked for is not related to any theory. As far as “fair
use” is concerned, it is used as per the Copyright Act of 1957, in
which it has a very specific meaning. If any person uses the work
of others with a copyright for educational and research purposes, it 2
is not a violation of the original work. In all cases related to the
implementation of the Copyright Act MoHRD is the nodal ministry.
You are advised to contact the MoHRD in respect of item Nos. 2 &
3 of your application.
2. In light of the above, therefore, your suggestion at Sr. No. 4 does
not merit any action.
Aggrieved, Shri Thakur moved a first appeal with the Jt. Secretary,
Deptt. of Science & Technology on 12.4.06 stating that the information sought
was in compliance with the policies of the Govt. of India of which the Deptt. of
Science & Technology is a part, impediments had been placed in supply of
information. In his orders of 28.3.06 Shri Sanjiv Nair, Appellate Authority and
Jt. Secretary stated that whereas Shri Shyam Singh Thakur has sought
information on Disaster Research on its fair use and infringement of copyright
and the CPIO has stated in response that in matters concerning disaster
research and copy right etc. the department had no role whatever, so the
answers to the questions of appellant Shri Thakur were given as zero, in
respect of questions 1 & 3, and questions 2 & 4 did not constitute information
as defined in Sec 2(f).
In response to our appeal notice, issued by us on receiving the second
appeal from appellant Shri Thakur on 25.5.06, Appellate Authority Shri Sanjiv
Nair has responded as follows in a letter of 21.11.06:
(i) “No relief could be given to the applicant during the
appeal filed against the order of the CPIO, DST because the
issues raised were so generic and broad that it was difficult to
pinpoint what exact information the applicant desired. For
example, he had sought information on disaster research.
There is no specific project/scheme, as far as information
brought to my notice, about the disaster research being carried
out by DST. Further, disaster research is such a vast area which
encompasses early warning system, mitigation exercises and
communication system. Therefore, the appeal was disallowed.
(ii) The second issue on which he wanted information was
the principle of uncertainty. There is a vast field of literature on
uncertainty both in the fields of science and economics, and
other fields and it was difficult to comprehend what exactly could
be given to him on uncertainty. The ground work in this area will
have to be done by the applicant because of the vast quantity of 3
literature that is available and, as an appellate officer; no
specific direction could be issued for providing information.”
Appellant’s rejoinder to this dated 1.12.06 has been taken on file. He
has stated as follows:
1. In respect of question No. 1, the Appellate Authority in
his orders dated 3.2.06 and 28.3.06 informed that the Govt. of
India has not been supporting any of the projects, hence the
information is zero.
2. The clarification given by the Joint Secretary MoS&T
in respect of the “Theory of uncertainty” violates the proposition
of the “vision on the Science & Technology, Serial No. C & D”
announced by the Hon’ble President of India on 25.1.06.
3. In respect of the “fair use” as defined in TRIPPS the
reply is Zero. This amounts to contempt of TRIPPS by a Joint
Secretary to the Govt. of India.
4. RTI is a Civil Right whereas FIR is used to curb the
criminal activities of the criminals. RTI is essentially applicable
to the officers/officials including the Central Information
5. Since I have filed an affidavit, I will request the
Commission to arrange the replies of the respondents in the
affidavit for the right of equality as is applicable to both the
The appeal was heard by us on 4.12.06. Following are present:
1. Sh. Shyam Singh Thakur, appellant
2. Sh. Rakesh Bhartiya Dy.Secy. M/o Sc. & Tech.
3. Sh. Davinder Nath, Dy.Secy. Deptt. of Sc.& Tech.
4. Sh. N.K.Gupta, U.S., Deptt. of Sc. & Tech.
It was pointed out to respondents that u/s 6(3)(1) of the Act, if they
receive an application requesting information which is held by another public
authority, they are required to transfer the application or such part of it as may
be appropriate to that other public authority and inform the applicant
immediately on such transfer. Moreover, such transfer was to be effective in
no case later than 5 days from the date of receipt of the application. The
Ministry has indeed asked the applicant to approach the HRD Ministry for
information against point 2 & 3 the answer to which is are also related Q. No.
4 but it was required to transfer the case as provided in the Act.4
During the hearing appellant Shri Thakur argued that as we have
pointed out in relation to questions 2 & 3, so in the case at Point 1, the
department is required either to answer and provide the information sought or
to transfer it to the concerned public authority. Neither has been done.
As agreed by appellant, the information sought against point No.1,
refers to all departments of Govt. of India. If this information was not available
with Dep’t. of Science & Techn
ology Shri Thakur’s application should have
been referred to the concerned authority/authorities that could have
provided him the information he had sought. However, we find on a simple
reading of the application that the information sought seems to have been
directed specifically to the department to which it is addressed. The
department has, therefore, rightly stated “it has no such programme in
operation in its jurisdiction”.
With regard to Points 2 & 3, respondents have admitted that because
this was a new case, they have neglected to transfer it but simply referred the
appellant to the appropriate authority. Although there is no penalty u/s 6(3), in
such matters, the Department is cautioned that on receiving applications of
this nature of which it feels a part pertains to another public authority, this is to
be transferred to the concerned public authority within 5 days of the receipt
of the application. In the instant case the application is now referred to the
CPIO, Ministry of Human Resources Department to provide applicant Shri
Thakur the information sought by him in regard to points 2, 3 & 4 of his
Announced in hearing. Notice of this decision be given free of cost to
the parties.
(Wajahat Habibullah)
Chief Information Commissioner
Authenticated true copy. Additional copies of orders shall be supplied against
application and payment of the charges prescribed under the Act to the CPIO
of this Commission. The copy file together with the application is transferred
to the Ministry of Human Resource Development for examination and
disposal within the provisions of the Right to Information Act, 2005
Addl. Registrar


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