There is one proverb that three W`s spoil a man. Similarly it is true that tree P`s spoil the nation, three P`s are (.) Pollution (.) Population (.) patients. now are the main problems of the world, not merelyto our country, since last two decades all the Governments of the world are planning and searching for its soulation ay their level best yet the soulation is beyound the vision.

Today man is more and more restless. A luxury of today becomes a want of tomorrow and due to that, corrupation and crimes and increasing day by day every whrere. sence greatification has becomes the goal of life. Honestely and candidness have taken to their heels] double dealing, crookendess, cheting and chicanery have taken possession on all goodness of nature, it has brought restlessness and laziness every where, Time is fleeting. you are growing at every second. space and time never intervened.

A contended mind is a continual feast. you are the maker of your own fortunes. you make youreselves suffer, good and evil. it is a you put your hands before your eyes and say it is a dark. take your hands before your eyes and see th light. so long as he the skin & sky surround a man, that as a long as he identifies him self with his body and senses connot sealize truth or God. lgonrance is is the darkest night in human life. As fire is enveloped by smoke, a mirro by dust and as an embryo by securdine so know I edge is covered by fog of ignorance.

Pollution – often we say and cry for pollution seeking its preventive methods at our level best, yet the solution is still lingering behind and behind. if we may seriously think our the matter, hen it will come to know that main problem of the pollution is our the inner matter rather than to be outside matter.our internal pollution is more perilous, posisnous, dangerous and destructive than outside pollution interlly, we we are more polluted rather than to outside. inside we have anger, greed, selfishness harted and ill will, which have badly polluted our mind and body and for that individual is solely responsible to avoid and control it, So, far as the question of outside pollution is concerned, it can be easily minimized and curbed by jel netee Kunjal, bhashrika Pranayam & Surya namaskar Ashans. What ever pollution may be desposited inside of the body, mouth, nose, ears, and eyes in day to day life can be to easily dispelled out by doing jal netee and Pranayam. In our lungs thereare six thousand holes more subtle than pores. And due to bad habits, addicitons, untimely and unnatural way of living like eating, drinking sleeping and worng way of enjoyment, these holes get covered by cough and mucus, so purification of blood system becomes disturbed. Consequently body becomes an abode of unwanted uncounted diseases but by practice of Ujayee Pranayam, kunjal, bharika & jal neti holls get reopened and blood purification re start naturally and one leads a joyful, healtheir and harmonious life.

Population and the patients:-

Increasing of population means increasing of sex enjoyment. Control of excess indulgence in sex mean automatic of population and diseases. Control over excessive sex is the control of population, health, peace and prosperity. Today whole world is under the grip, of passion and fashion. Today utmost and serial number one necessity of the world is women (sex). Today sex is exceeding world wide speedily & tremendously. When women decorate her self with other artificial, attractive fashions then situation becomes horrible and harmful to society and country. More and more people become puppet of her hands. Now governments are also issuing more and more licenses for the alcohol and harlots. Thus situation becomes more critical and perilous. There is no sin in eating meat, in drinking spirituous liquor and in carnal intercourse for this is natural way of created beings. But abstention brings great reward. Passion fashion & modernity must flourish in its own arena, but it must seldom overtake to nobility, austerity, spirituality and morality. He, who does not endeavor to tread the path of righteousness’ in this birth, repents at the last. People who carelessly wastes human life and are in search of material gain an unworthy and unwise person. They are fickle minded and money minded people. Today most of the people of the world are worshiper of money and mammon. They have no discriminating power at all. It has been said that “celibacy is life and sensually is death”. By observing celibacy and austerity, men have conquered to gods and ruled over to heaven. Celibacy is the greatest weapon and reward to human becoming on earth and to be divine man. To the sinful man, sin appears as sweet as honey. Lust, greed doors to such prison to such person. Therefore, one most give up three W’s (wine, women, and wealth).

Passion is the first fire and ignorance is the darkest night. Yoga and meditation lead to the realties of the life and rectification of faults. Therefore by yoga and meditation, population, pollution and curbed. Devote your mind to righteousness, and let this passion be your law of life. Abandon the 3w’s the world will not attract you as shankaracharya said “every thing is produced by ignorance and dissolves in the wake of knowledge. When the mind becomes purified like a mirror and knowledge is revealed in it”.Therefore it is the practice of yoga by which the practitioners doubtlessly become from man to superman doubtlessly. It is practical experience of the sages’ seers not a man like a spoon that serves the variety of soups but does not know its taste itself. Yoga is just like the oil in the lamp of the hearts and you have to light this lamp with the fire of wisdom. Thus yoga helps people to overcome their day to day problems and the darkness of ignorance. Yoga is the royal road of the reality. Yoga is practiced not only in order to keep the body free from disease, but also as a termed for curing disease.

Terrorism, crime and yoga:-

Today terrorism and crime are the headache of the world. From the very child hood people lamp of the hearts and you have to light this lamp with the fire of wisdom. Thus yoga helps people to overcome their day to day problems and the darkness of ignorance. Yoga is the royal road of the reality. Yoga is practiced not only in order to do not care and give good sneakers and habits to their children. Today parents are so busy that they do not give time to reform, modify and personalize to their children. Parent throws them into an unlimited forest of ignorance and brutality without thinking right and wrong good and bad & children use the way life their own liking and thinking. Without thinking its consequence. That is the real time of a child when one may be good or bad. At this age children become more and more notorious, mischievous and nasty. Their habits make them greedy, selfish and they adopt the way of crime & terrorism. Now they have become headache, curse and enemy of the society, family and nation. If at that time children may be given a course of yoga and meditation then children will not adopt wrongful ways and short cuts of life. Yoga will humanize them in the right way and right time.

Celibacy & yoga:-

Celibacy is life and sexuality is death. Celibacy leads to fortification of the nation (recementing to nation) building. Real bramacharies are real son of the soil. The future well being of the country rests entirely on bramacharies alone. We all must sincerely struggle to control passion and fashion the enemy of the peace, prosperity and the nation, by yoga. Concentration and meditation. A true bramacharya is the real mighty emperor of the world. As s king is no king without treasury, subject and army, as a flower is not a flower without fragrance, as a river is not a river without water and flow, as a sun is not sun without heat and as ice without cold, so also a man is not a man without celibacy or bramacharya. By absorbing celiba
cy man conquered enemies and gods. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Yoga does not allow diseases to reside in body. Yoga is sure ways for success, Blissful life, peace, prosperity, and good realization in this very life.

Thus, in this way population, pollution and patients can be easily controlled by the practice of pranayam, netee, sarvangasam, shrishasan, surya namaskar, uttanpadasan; gomukh asan etc. swami sivanad has very appropritiately said about the importance of yoga.” Those who want to success in life, who desire to increase their, working and earning capacities eho long to have a happier and broader life, who are eager to develop their, will concentration and cultivate virtues, eradicate negative qualities and who eventually wants to have god realization, must perform yoga” for the higher practice of yoga devotees observe 5 Ds, essentially (1) devotion dedication, such honest devotees very soon enter in bikalpa and them Nirvikalpa Samadhi where devotee gets or feels the glimpses of omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent perpetually. Here in this stage because of rigorous penance devotees are awarded by the boons of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. Thus yoga is a journey from imperfection to perfection, ignorance to intelligence macrocosm to microcosm, brutality, to humanity devil to divine and annamaya kosh, anadamaya kosh, mooladhar to shahashrar chakra. All most all bad habits, greed, ignorance, passion, lust anger, brutality, barbarity, will be change in good habits and activities. Yoga and mediation are alpha omega on earth for human beings. As arvind said “if there is Eden on earth that waits for the yogis. Yoga is the salt of life. There no proper evolution of human life without yoga. The ways of life are many, but to achieve the goals of humanity is only the yoga way of life. For the evolution of spiritual enlightenment and consciousness yoga is utmost necessity of the time. Yoga is a perennial source of peace and bliss. Ultimately the purpose of yoga is to deliver man from the pains of difficulties. Ignorance. Because yoga is a transforming and liberating system and force also. The yoga & meditation to the philosophers. Acharyas and seekers of truth, not only to few persons but all most all human race.

Yoga alone will transform the head, heart and ultimately lead to perfection. Yoga helps to achieve object of preventive and primitive health and provides better survival of human values. Yoga and meditation are the means by whish one can attain the healthier, glorious life and final emancipation or freedom from birth and death.

1.Money can buy: a bed but not sleep. Books but not brains. Food but not appetite.

2.Bring in the light, the darkness will vanish of itself, let the lion of yoga roar, the foxes will fly to their holes.

3.God judges the devotees not by the amount of spiritual labour that he has undergone, but by the intensity of his struggle.



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