As you know   yesterday wasy 15 of August ,2012 Indian citizen within and abroad the country are celebrating the 66th independence Day. The Independence Day is a national holiday in India. This holiday commemorates its freedom from British rule and its birth as a sovereign nation in 1947. According to My Astrological Calculation on 66th Independence chart, Shows disastrous result throughout year. The 66th lagna is eight from declared lagna (15 august ,1947). It indicate natural disaster and mass death of common people. it also shows unnatural death of great political leader or highest celebrity.

By studying 66th annual chart, we can predict, prime minister will have to face defame and continue to be dominated by opposition party. The country and its inhabitants as a whole will face many difficulties because India celebrates its 66th Independence day on kala sarpa Yoga and it was born on kala sarpa yoga also.

Combination of Saturn and mars on airy sign shows chances of plane crash and bomb blast by terrorist. The Stock Exchange, financial institutions, money markets and trade can maintain it’s financial growth by the grace of Jupiter. The birth-rate, children, sexual concerns, will increased in short period and people will have enjoyment in their religious life.
Muntha, that gives similar result like Saturn shows Parliament, especially the House of Commons is aggressive and warlike and The national reputation, credit, and power will fall in difficult.


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