How to get desired progeny by using astrology…???

By Arun Bansal (Astrologer & Chairman, Future Point )

Modern era is the era of science. Man has always tried to control nature. Many diseases have been controlled by the advancement of medical sciences. Data provided by the census proves that mortality rate has increased. Agricultural scientists are trying to develop disease free plants and trees through the genetics. Better qualities of Fruits, vegetables and grains are available as a result of the development in the agricultural science.
Green revolution has increased agricultural productivity. Now we get comparatively better quality of agricultural products which can be preserved for a longer time. Plants start giving fruits in a short span of time. Formerly wheat plant used to produce wheat when it was . or 4 feet long but now a days one or two feet long wheat plant start producing wheat. The advancement of the agricultural science made it possible to produce more with limited resources.
Similarly researches are being conducted on animals. Scientists are trying to develop a type of genes in the animals which can improve their immunity .The day is not far when such kinds of experiments will be conducted on human beings. Right now these types of experiments on human beings are not being conducted. This may be mainly due to some fear like to avoid any unwanted repercussions, misuse of these developments or this may adversely affect human social values because Scientists are not very sure about the results of the genetic changes in the human beings and they know that once this has spread in general public it will be very difficult to take it back.
Astrology can be a very good alternative for this. As we know that future of the individual depends on his birth time. If horoscope or planetary positions are changed than future of the native will automatically change. Thus by changing horoscope we can change future of the native. Nowadays development in medical science has made possible to get delivery of the child through surgery at desired time. Now the time of the birth of the child and his future can be decided before the birth of the child. But the question is, is the birth through the surgery is the right time of the birth? Let us discuss this first.
As we know that when the respiratory system fails death of the native takes place. Similarly soul enters in the body when child breathes first. Child is only a part of mother’s body before the soul enters into child’s body. Heart, limbs and senses of the child start working as earlier. Thus the starting of heart beat of the child in the womb of his mother cannot be called his time of birth. At the time of death Heart beat and breathes of the person end together but heart beat and breathes of an infant start at different time.
One thing that is always a matter of discussion is that what time should be selected as the birth time of the native. Whether it should be when the head of the child comes out or the whole body of the child comes out or when his/her naval cord is cut. These all times cannot be taken as birth time because infant does not breathe himself/herself at these times. The actual birth time is when child starts crying and child starts crying when his first breathe comes.
Hence the actual birth time is the time when the child takes his/her first breathe. By changing this time we can change fortune of the native and that is in a natural way. It is not possible to change the fortune of the native completely because delivery dates of the child cannot be adjusted more than two or three days. But a significant change in the fortune of the child can be brought by deciding suitable ascendant for the birth. This can be done after ascertaining the planetary position on a particular day. There is another way that we can decide the month of the birth of the child first and decide the time of conception accordingly by counting months in reverse order from the date we decide for the birth of the child. We can select an auspicious muhurata of the birth so that there could be least problem and suffering to the mother and health of the child is good. But the future of the native mainly depends on the time of his birth.
Ascendant of the birth should be selected carefully while selecting the time of birth. By selecting proper ascendant we can decide the placement of the planets in different houses of the horoscope. We should select the ascendant in such a way that maximum planets come in the auspicious houses in the horoscope or most of the planets should be in the Kendra and trines from the ascendant and the lord of the ascendant and Moon are in strength. In this way the health of the child can be decided. If we want that native should earn name, fame, power and position then we should try to keep all the planets in or around the ascendant or tenth house. For wealth maximum planets should be in the artha trine and second and eleventh house and their lords should be strong. For good education ascendant, fifth and ninth house should be strong and maximum planets should be in these houses. For good luck ascendant and ninth house should be strong and for strength and initiative select third and tenth house.
Ensure that what planetary period native is going to have up to next 5. years. Dasa order which covers maximum planetary period of 6,8,.. house lords should be avoided. The birth day can be adjusted one day ahead of back if we do not get proper dasa order on a particular day. This will not bring major change in the planetary position except the position of Moon.
We can change the time of birth if we want that a particular planet should come in a particular house of the horoscope without changing its sign. In some cases we can change the position of the planets by deciding the birth place. As longitudes of all the houses of the horoscope are almost equal when the place of birth is on or near the equator but as we go ahead of equator the longitudes of the houses start varying. So at the places which are far away from equator longitudes of the houses of horoscope vary.
Thus with the help of astrology we can plan the birth of the child up to a certain extent and get desired child. In this way we can help the world by giving a healthy generation.


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