The Seven Keys To Success—-

What makes one person successful and another not? What does the ability to delay gratification as a child have to do with being successful in later life? Can one learn the mental traits associated with success with the help of hypnosis downloads?

The skills you need to do everything in life start in your mind. When you think you can do something, you will try and succeed. Your thoughts dictate your actions and determine your level of commitment, which affects the outcome. The sum of the parts makes the whole-


The drive and ambition you need to succeed start with the mechanics of your mind. And these inevitably have been shaped through your experiences in life, since you were just a little baby.

Walter Mischel, a Stanford professor, noticed as long ago as .981 that a young child’s ability to delay gratification was predictive of that same child’s teenage academic ability. This predictability has since been shown to hold true of later academic success and career experience. Children who were successful in delaying gratification found ways in which to distract themselves from the temptation of candy which was put in front of them, based upon the promise of greater rewards at a later time – double the quantity of candy later so long as they resisted now.

Those children who easily succumbed to the sweet temptations and could not find successful strategies of resistance tended in later life to get lower scores, suffer more from stress, find it more difficult to make friends and had low attention spans. In effect they had not learned how to think in a more productive way. They had not learned the basic strategies necessary or success.

Even if you did not learn the secret of success as a child you can retrain your brain and learn these secrets now, with the help of hypnosis. Hypnosis is a state of relaxation and it allows access to the inner workings of your mind. Your subconscious mind, whilst in hypnosis, is open to new suggestions and the seeds of change can be sewn. With the use of hypnosis downloads, these seeds will grow and flourish, as they are watered through regularly listening to powerful hypnotic suggestions for success. Before long, you will have a whole new set of mental skills and strategies, opening the door to a whole new set of possibilities, paving the way to your success.

The seven keys to success are all mental traits, mental skills, and these can be learned by you with a little bit of help from hypnosis. They are:-

1. Increased self-awareness – Without awareness you do not know where to start or what to change.

.. Improved self-confidence – you are not born with confidence. It is learned, either through experience or with the help of hypnosis.

.. Motivation – motivation is a feeling, an inclination, a state of desire, energy, a feeling of willingness to do something.

4. The ability to sooth yourself and be positive, to remain calm and respond positively no matter what is happening.

5. The ability to take calculated risks – to have the confidence in your ideas, to step out of your comfort zone

6. The ability to be “in the now” – to really know what is going on, to listen, to be fully aware, to rediscover your childlike curiosity, and be spontaneous

7. Perseverance – sheer determination, despite the odds

Some people worry about hypnosis, or are afraid of it. This is purely because they do not know what it is. Hypnosis is normal and natural. It is the state between wake and sleep. It’s relaxing, calming and empowering. You can get a free hypnosis download from my website and try it for yourself.


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