“Rahu-Ketu-madhye grahah sapta vighnadaa Kaalasarpa-samjnakaah/ suta-traasaadisakalaa dosah rogena pravaase maranam dhruvam//”

“Bhairava-stotra-paathena Kaalasarpam vinashyati/ Kaalasarpa-yogasya visam visaakta-jeevane bhayaavahaah// punah punar api shokam ca yauvane rogabhyadhikam dhruvam//
Poorvajanma-krutam paapam brahma-shaapaat suta-ksayah/
Kinchit pretaadi-dosam cha sukham saukhyam vinasyati//

If in a horoscope all the seven planets are between Raahu & Ketu in relation toany of the houses, then the Yoga, thus formed is called ‘Kaala-Sarpa-Yoga’. The native will not enjoy mental peace inspite of having respect, money, power & prosperity. The native may rise to a high position financially from very humble beginnings, but he may have to suffer humiliation on account of Govt. penalty. The native has to suffer in some area of his life. The adversities can be nullified if one recites ‘Batuka-Bhairava-Mantra’ everyday.

Like ‘visasya visam ausadham(=like cures like)’, the adverse effect of Rahu & Ketu is nullified by malefic like Mars & Saturn. If the 9th lord, the Ascdt-lord or the Ascdt are under the influence of Mars & Saturn, the Yoga becomes ineffective. If the dispositions of Rahu & Ketu are together, then also the adverse results of the Yoga get nullified.

According to BVRaman ‘Kaala-Sarpa-Yoga’ is effective only when all seven planets and the Ascdt are hemmed between Ketu & Rahu and there is no planet on other side of the axis.

Three important factors to be noted in the formation of ‘Kaala-Sarpa-Yoga’ are:
(.)The evils get intensified if the Ascdt. is between Ketu & Rahu.
(.)The evils get almost neutralized if the Ascdt. is between Rahu & Ketu.
(.)The Yoga can be considered defunct even if a single planet is with Rahu or Ketu or outside the Rahu-Ketu-axis.
Kaala-Sarpa-Bhanga-Yoga(cancel​ling factors): when-
(1)Grahamaalikaa-Yoga is present.
(2)Rahu & Ketu are aspected by or conjoined with their dispositors.
(3)The dispositors of Rahu & Ketu are called ‘Karmic control Planets.’ If both the Karmic control Planets’ are associated or are mutually aspected or placed in mutual Kendrsa or Trikonas, ‘Kaala-Sarpa-Bhanga-Yoga’ may be said to be present, which nullifies adverse effects.
(4)Rahu or Ketu form any auspicious Yoga.
(5)Yoga-kaaraks or Yoga-forming planets with Rahu or Ketu.
(6)All the seven planets occupy three or four houses adjacent to Rahu or Ketu continuously.
(7)The 9th house is well disposed and is aspected or occupied by its own lord or by Yoga-kaaraka.
(8)Rahu or Ketu are exalted. 
(9)Rahu occupies his own nakshatra i.e. Aardraa, Svaati or Shatabhisaa.
(1.) The 9th house or 9th lord is aspected by or associated with Mars & Saturn.
(11)The Ascdt. is owned by Mars or Saturn or these planets influence the Ascdt. or its lord.
(12)The dispositors of Saturn or Mars are in quadrants from each other or in ‘dvir-dvaadasha’’-positions…


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