Aries –Man–
Most of his sexual encounters end in orgasm, usually achieved through a combination of foreplay, oral sex, and intercourse.

Aries– Woman—
She can generally reach orgasm with various sex acts, especially those involving oral sex, and from any position. Aries is likely to climax every time.

Taurus— Man–
Taurus has no trouble climaxing and he achieves orgasm virtually every time he has sex. Through generally through intercourse, the Taurus Male will sometime climax intercourse in combination with oral sex.

Taurus— Woman—
Taurus doesn’t achieve orgasm every time she has sex. To ensure that she does requires oral or digital stimulation of her clitoris. Intercourse by itself won’t bring her to climax on any regular basis.
Gemini– Man—-
Gemini reaches orgasm comfortably in any number ways. He love to have oral sex to the brink or orgasm and to finish with intercourse.

Gemini– Woman—
Gemini has no trouble reaching orgasm and usually cums every time she has sex. A combination or oral sex, finger manipulation of her clitoris, and intercourse will bring her to orgasm.
Cancer –Man—
The Cancer man reaches orgasm every time he has sex. For him, anything works: masturbation, oral sex, and intercourse. As long as he feels close emotionally, he climaxes with ease.

Cancer– Woman—
After being very turned on by her partner fondling her breasts, Cancer reaches orgasm almost every time she has sex with a combination of masturbation and intercourse.

Leo– Man—
Leo has no trouble climaxing, but he likes to be in control, so intercourse works better for him than oral sex.

Leo– Woman—
Leo almost always reaches orgasm in every sexual encounter, mainly through oral sex and masturbation. She seldom climaxes during intercourse.

Virgo– Man—
Virgo almost always reaches orgasm, however except when he chooses to hold back. He does enjoy a combination of intercourse and masturbation.

Virgo— Woman—
Virgo cums” All the time, damn it,” or at lease almost every time she has sex through oral sex, masturbation, or intercourse with clitoral stimulation.

Libra— Man—
How often Libra reaches orgasm depends upon the nature of the relationship with his partner. When he is deeply involved with his lover, he always cums. When a relationship is new, he may not cum every time.

Libra— Woman—
Libra can generally achieve orgasm through intercourse when the position allows for simultaneous clitoral stimulation. She also cums easily via oral sex and masturbation.

Scorpio— Man—
He achieves orgasm with ease virtually every time he makes love in almost any position. “It doesn’t take much,” intercourse, masturbation, oral sex, or a combination of these for the Scorpio man.

Scorpio –Woman—
Given the importance Scorpio places on sex and her single-mindedness, she has no difficultly achieving orgasm. It’s irrelevant to her whether her partner favors oral sex, masturbation, or intercourse.

Sagittarius– Man—
Sagittarius has no trouble achieving orgasm. Any method or combination, from intercourse to oral sex, masturbation to anal sex, works for him.

Sagittarius— Woman—
She reaches orgasm often during intercourse, more frequently via oral sex and always by masturbation. She isn’t shy about taking care of her orgasm.

Capricorn– Man—
Capricorn is goal oriented in everything he does. When it comes to orgasm, his goal is at least one for her and at least one for him.

Capricorn— Woman—
Capricorn is a goal-oriented Sign. She achieves orgasm most of the time she has sex. When she is sufficiently excited and wants to climax, she does so and the method is irrelevant.

Aquarius— Man–
Keep his mind on the event at hand and Aquarius cums. Let his mind wander and Aquarius loses his erection. Dirty talk as orgasm nears sends him over the edge regardless of the position or the act.

Aquarius –Woman—
A quickie may not always result in an orgasm for Aquarius. But when her lover sets the stage with phone sex during the day and with sexual banter leading up to the act itself, Aquarius almost always climaxes. Most often this is through intercourse and oral sex.

Pisces— Man—
Known for endurance, the only time Pisces fails to achieve orgasm is when he is exhausted. The method is unimportant. Given enough foreplay, anything will get him off.

Pisces— Woman—-
Pisces reaches orgasm quite easily, almost every time she has sex, by means of masturbation ,oral sex, intercourse, or any combination of these.


Enjoy Sex Intercourse without Orgasm (Women)—–


Male orgasm is easy to understand because it looks from the outside. However, female orgasm can be more mysterious than the UFO. That’s because most of us really do not understand what is happening physiologically. In essence, when a woman is stimulated to achieve orgasm, the wall of the uterus contracted and it was able to contract the muscles of the uterus, vagina, and clitoris are rhythmic.
However, every woman is different. For some women, it might seem like a blast of hot water. For others, it’s probably nothing more than a hunger for a moment. However, this is a difficult thing to be understood by many men: because they can not imagine having sex without orgasm, many men can not appreciate the fact that women can enjoy sex without an orgasm.
So, rather than trying to make a female orgasm as the ultimate goal, the man should concentrate on ensuring that women enjoy the interaction. Some women do not have to orgasm to enjoy sex, while other women can easily experience orgasm many times. The absence of orgasm does not mean failure, but the absence of stimulation generally means failure.
If you think that most the man reach orgasm within three to five minutes and most women require four times more than that time. You can also understand why many women will not achieve orgasm in every sexual encounter. Add in there a lot of women feel pressure to have an orgasm, then sex can be a stressful than the day of tax collections. And guaranteed, that’s what makes a woman will not experience orgasm.
It has been said that women fake orgasms because men pretend when warm up. Falsehood is one of the biggest problems between the couple, lack of libido or arousal level match. To increase female sexual desire, add more warm up. Touch, hug, swabs, and caress the hair-please add your own choice of expression. Whatever you do, make sure you do it in earnest. The longer the warm up means better lubrication, and that means greater satisfaction.
To help increase the moisture, you can safely increase the lubrication with a lubricant that is soluble in water such as KY jelly or gel from organic compounds which contain oil that can be dissolved. And, for some women, testosterone cream applied directly to the clitoris twice a day can help increase arousal, libido, and orgasm intensity. (Testosterone is the driving force of sexuality for both men and women)
Unless they masturbate, most women are unaware that clit­oral stim­u­la­tion is needed for female orgasm. Equally, they are unaware that before genital stim­u­la­tion can be effective, a person needs to know how to achieve true sexual arousal, which depends on an appre­ci­ation of erot­i­cism (images for men; scen­arios for women).
From puberty onwards men’s sexual arousal (as evid­enced by an erec­tion) makes regular masturb­a­tion inev­it­able. Since women do not exper­i­ence erec­tions (of the clit­oris) in the same way, most never learn how to achieve suffi­cient sexual arousal for orgasm either alone or with a partner. Consequently even those professing enthu­siasm for sex are rarely able to display any real know­ledge about how to reach orgasm.
After decades of marriage one woman told me: “I have to disagree with the comment of a woman’s arousal and the ease of achieving orgasm. Maybe I am one of the lucky women out there that is in touch with her sexual being. I get sexu­ally aroused by my husband just by looking at him without his shirt, the words that he uses with me, and by the atten­tion that he gives to me. Also I have I believe an easy time in obtaining an orgasm or two with my husband.”
Most men can orgasm within a few minutes. So is this woman claiming to be able to match her partner’s speed of reaching orgasm? Perhaps her partner is one of those one-in-a-million men who is willing to continue pleas­uring a partner after he has come? Anyone who suggests that it all happens ‘natur­ally’ or that women’s arousal is as easy as men’s is, frankly, mistaken.
Women’s minds and bodies simply do not work the same way as men’s. If they did then women would pay for sex as well as lap– and pole-dancing as men do. The sight of a man’s sexual attrib­utes do not cause us to become aroused enough for orgasm. Also women do not approach sex already fully aroused because our bodies are not full of testosterone.
Women who discover orgasm through masturb­a­tion in their twen­ties or thirties will often admit that they had always been utterly convinced that they did orgasm during sex when it turns out they didn’t. How can women not under­stand that orgasm is a signi­ficant pleasure? Not only do you defin­itely notice orgasm but also you set out with the inten­tion of achieving it.
The facts of female sexu­ality are:
  • Women do not have the same levels of testosterone (the sex drive hormone) as men;
  • Women do not buy erotica or porno­graphy as regu­larly as men do;
  • Women do not masturbate anything like as much as men do;
  • Not every man pays for sex but many evid­ently do — most women never pay for sex;
When I talk about the fact that sex tends to be much more important to most men than it is to most women, I am talking about how we enjoy our own sexual arousal and orgasm. Women who disagree with me are only talking about the emotional (loving and affec­tionate) aspects of their rela­tion­ships with men. They are rarely inter­ested in orgasm at all.
A popular sugges­tion is that a woman needs a truly loving partner who knows how to ‘give a woman an orgasm’. Wouldn’t that be nice! It is a fallacy to think that anyone else can give us an orgasm. Even men have to learn about their own sexual arousal through masturb­a­tion. So how do women exper­i­ence orgasm as men do without the same know­ledge or practice?
I would love to believe that women under­stand how their sexual arousal works but the evid­ence stands against this. Most couples today clearly continue to base their sex life on vaginal inter­course despite the fact that inter­course provides insuf­fi­cient clit­oral stim­u­la­tion for orgasm. Yet very few women ques­tion a lack of orgasm during sex. Equally, society still censors erot­i­cism to protect women’s sens­it­iv­ities but without sexual fantasies women are unlikely to discover orgasm by any means.


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