The SixTypes Of Hands In Palmistry

The Elementary Hand
Elementary hands are generally stiff, heavy, short fingers and a short thumb.

The hand is in fact thick, hard, square palm, shapeless fingertips, and roughand leathery skin. The person with the elementary hand displays a lack of enthusiasm and imagination. The person with this type of hand has no high ambitions in their life and are concerned only with daily existence. This person is largely intolerant of a nasty situation, and can get violent when provoked. This hand is characteristic of labourers , those involved in violent sports, like boxing and people involved in rough and tough work.
The Spatulate Hand
As the name suggests, the fingers of this hand are flattened like a spatula. The most characteristic feature is the large thumb. It is extremely broad near the base and tapers towards the fingers. People with this type of hand are imaginative and creative. They love to invent or discover any new thing. They have a quest for knowledge, and a restless and excitable nature. They are energetic and dexterous, and thrive on taking risks. People with this hand are mainly artisans,painters,designers, inventors, explorers, navigators, astronauts, and engineers.
The Psychic Hand
Psychic hands are generally small and slender hand, characterised by smooth fingers. The palm is medium in size, and the nailed phalanges are long and tapering. The thumb is small and elegant. People with visionary and dreamy nature has this type of hand. They are interested in occult sciences. Persons with this hand shape lead a chaotic life. People with this kind of hand lacks in discipline. People with this hand are mainly magicians and clairvoyants.
The Conical Hand
Conical hands generally has smooth fingers, the nails of which are shapedlike cones and because of this conical shape of nails, this hand is known as conical hand. The palm is broad, thick and large, and the thumb is also unusually huge. People with this hand are usually connoisseurs of the arts with superb communication skills, and a love for the arc lights. He lives life on a purely sensual level. People with these hands are impulsive and has a short temper. People with this hand are mainly in the creative field, like painters, sculptors, musician and poets.
The Square Hand
The square hand has a square palm, a square wrist, and the fingertips are also square. While the fingers are largely knotty. This hand is characterised by a large thumb and a square finger base. People with square hands are blessed with perseverance. They are conventional and love general order. They are honest and reliable, and like to lead disciplined lives, with little imagination. People with these hands are mainly businessmen, executives, lawyers, doctors, scientists and engineers.
The Intellectual Hand
Intellectual hand is a long and angular hand, with bony fingers and knotty joints. The palm is large and bony, and the nailed phalanges are part conical and part square. The philosophic hand belongs to those who spare a thought for the less fortunate. They have the ability to understand the metaphysical aspect of life. They also have analytical powers and are adept at keeping secrets. People with these hands are mainly teachers, thinkers and world leaders.


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