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The Marriage Line—-
The Marriage Line – Lagna Rekha

It is also called the “Love Line”. It is situated on the Mount of Mercury. This line comes form the outside of the palm towards the inside of the plam on the Mount of Merucry. If a cross is found on the line then the marriage or the engagement of the person would be broken. If there are some small signs on the line then the perosn shall have illegal affairs.If the line is straight, it is generally indicative of a good marital relationship or an enduring love affair. If this line inclines towards the Heart Line, it indicates an interruption with marital relations or ill healthof the spouse. If this line inclines towards the little finger, the spouse is likely to have a long life. In some hands . or 4 lines are found and it does not mean that they shall marry that many times. It would suffice here to point out that sexual or marital relations or love affairs are not to be inferred from this line alone. One must study the line of Mars, the line of Saturn, the Line of the Sun, the Mount of Venus and the Mount of Jupiter before answering any questions about marriage or its break-up.


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