Marriage line

Marriage line goes across the periphery of the palm initiating under the little finger or the finger of Mercury. According to palmistry, marriage lines show marriages or romances in a person`s life on the basis of how many lines are there in his hands. It also depends how clearly they are visible. It is also called as `Love Line`. Marriage line is situated on the mount of Mercury. These lines are comingfrom the edge of the palm moving towards the mount of Mercury. In some hands there are three or four such lines but from this it should not be concluded that the man would marry that many times. The line, which is particularly deep and distinct out of all these lines, is called the `Marriage line`.

In palmistry, it has also been observed several times that a person remains life long bachelor in spite of the presence of the marriage line on his hand. The main reason for this is that if there is any kind of cross on the marriage line, it can be concluded that his engagement will be broken. He won`t get married in his lifetime. If there are some small signs on any line on the side of the marriage line, then it is said that the man will have several illegal affairs.

The basic characteristics of marriage line as per palmistry depend on the length of these lines. Like for instance, longer marriage line indicates that the relationship will be longer. Secondly, if the marriage line is leaning towards the Heart line then it indicates demise of the partner. Further, a gradual incline towards the line of heart depicts that the death of partner after enduring illness. If the marriage line is bending upwards then chances are there that the person could stay single. Palmistry also states that the closeness of the marriage line to the heart line shows the marriage age of a person. If the marriage line is closer to the line of heart then it means early age of marriage.

The colour of the marriage line also indicates several aspects of a relationship. Deep line indicates good relationship. However, it should not be too deep or too broad as it shows a sprain in married relationship and a diminishing affection. A broken line means divorce and separation. If the marriage line is broken with overlaying remains indicates separation of the couple followed by meeting.


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