Palmistry – Your future in your hands—

Palmistry - Your future in your hands
How many times have you heard people say “Your future lie in your own hands”? Well, that’s true, and literally so. This ancient science of Palmistry is extremely fascinating and even those who refuse to believe in the theory are inevitably drawn towards it. When you learn the intricacies involved in Palmistry, you realize how amazingly true it is!

Palmistry or the study of hand is an ancient science of knowing the past, present and future of a person. It is a sub section of the vast field of study called Samudrik Shastra, meaning the ocean of knowledge.

It is believed that the science of reading the hand originated in India. It is said in the Puranas that sage Narada practiced this divine art. The monuments of the prehistoric period of the Aryan civilization also confirm that people in the period were aware of the science of palmistry and even practiced it. Hindu sages like Garga, Gautama, Bharadwaja, Agastya, Bhrigu, Atri and Kashyapa propagated this art. Maharshi Valmiki is known to have written the book now titled The Teachings of Valmiki Maharshi on Male Palmistry. It comprises of 567 stanzas, written about 4,.00 to 5,000 years ago. The science slowly spread from this land to China, Tibet, Egypt, Persia and to other countries in Europe. Palmistry came to China .000 years before the birth of Christ and then did well in Greece where Anaxagoras practiced it.

Palmistry does not involve the study of lines on the palm alone, but also includes the study of the shape of hands, fingers, nails, mounts, their patterns and other formations, which appear on the palms and fingers. As all other forms of science, palmistry can also help single out specific problems related to health and mind, thus helping people find permanent solutions to many of their troubles.

The starting and ending point of each line on your palm is very critical, revealing important information about your personality, life – past, present and future. Did you know that the length of your middle finger or finger of Saturn can tell you how well you can handle responsibility? In the same way, having a high mount of Venus (the area next to your thumb) could determine your passion and zest for the finer things in life. Signs such as star, island and cross on the palm tell a lot about you and your future. A competent palm reader can do much more than just predicting your past, present and future. He/she has the potential to even alter your life to an extent by helping you understand yourself.


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