New trends and technologies—

Green technologies—  

Modern times are seeing unprecedented progress in all areas of life. It has made our life very comfortable but has brought with it a different set of problems.
Radiation free homes 

One of the major concerns is the Electromagnetic radiations.
Sources of EM radiations 

The major sources are High voltage electric transmission lines, Radars for military & weather applications, cell towers and their base stations, cell phones, microwave ovens and security systems. These together with various home appliances add to the electromagnetic pollution.
Radars for military & weather applications

Cell Towers—

Stealth cell towers—-

TV & Transmission towers–

World Health Organisations and several European countries along with USA are constantly working towards reducing the levels of Electromagnetic Emissions.  
Work at WHO —

Several study groups have been setup to calculate safe distance from the source and safety standards.
Typical field strengths of household appliances 

Measurements  by Federal office of Radiation safety. West Germany. .999 for home appliances are as follows.
Electric appliance Electric field strength (V/m)
Stereo receiver 18.
Iron 1.0
Refrigerator 120
Mixer 100
Toaster 80
Hair dryer 80
Colour TV 60
Coffee machine 60
Vacuum cleaner 50
Electric oven 8
Light bulb 5
Green buildings & green homes —

Modern trends in home building —

Electromagnetic radiations are harmful to the human body and are considered to the cause of several health related issues.
Harmful effects of  —
Electro pollution —

Electro pollution from modern appliances can cause us to feel more stressed, fatigued and “out of balance.“
The adverse affects of exposure to EMF are vast but occur over prolonged periods of time.
Harmful effects of  
Electro pollution —

There are statistical analysis that suggest that cancer, hypertension, neurological degeneration, leukemia, Alzheimer’s, reproductive and other diseases may be triggered and/or aggravated by disruptions in the master frequency of 7.8. Hz
Green buildings & green homes —

In order to prevent the effects of Electro pollution, today there is a trend for development of Green Buildings and Green Homes.
Green Trends —

The future is green with an energy efficient electro pollution free HOME.
Radiation free homes —

To promote the Green trend, the science of Bau-biology has been developed in Germany. Several standards have been set.
They take into consideration all issues that affect human health in a home or office.
Radiation free homes —

Builders in India too are thinking of going Green. It is the new Buzz word of today.
The main question is 

Is it possible to build homes which are “Radiation Free”? 
Radiation free homes 

The answer is            YES,YES, YES.
With Schumann Generator rings we can have homes free of harmful radiations.
Radiation free homes 

Schumann rings generate range of subtle frequencies which cancel the Electromagnetic radiations and make the home or office free from their harmful effects.
Radiation free homes 

    A few benefits of using Schumann Generator rings are:—-

Improved sleep
Increased healing potential
An expanded sense of peace and well being.
Less aggressive behaviour and stabilised moods. Lower stress levels.
Positive effect on appetite, metabolism and psychological functions.
Radiation free homes —-

Schumann rings work on the principle of free energy. There is no Power consumption.
Radiation free homes —

Architects all over the world are incorporating the same at construction stage itself. 

Radiation free homes —

What about homes that are already constructed? 

Radiation free homes —

Constructed homes also can be protected by suitable placement of these powerful Schumann generator rings.
For Radiation free homes 

Schumann rings are now available in India.

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