Know Your Planets – The Sun—-Astrologer Kailash Chandra Tripathi

The Sun is the Ruler of all the Planets and is a source of energy and life. It is considered as a Male Planet for Astrological purposes. The Sun generally signifies a person’s father in a horoscope who is responsible for bringing the person to life and it also represents forefathers and that is why the effect of any negative planet on the Sun causes a Pitra Dosh in a Horoscope. The Sun also signifies the people in authority like the Head of the States, The King, Highly ranked government officials, the government itself, Powerful Politicians and Police Officials , Doctors and so many other things and persons. The Sun generally represents a person’s Soul, the life giving energy, Will Power, Immune Power i.e the power to fight with diseases and stay healthy in general, Eyesight, the ability to produce healthy children and male children in particular, Leadership Qualities, Authority and control among some other things. 
The Sun rules the Pitta element in the body which means that it controls the fire energy in the body. The Sun becomes very strong in the fiery signs namely Aries, Leo and Sagittarius as the basic nature of the Sun and these sign is the same i.e they are all fiery in nature. The sun is exalted in Aries which is a fiery sign ruled by Mars which is a signifier of energy and so the Sun gains maximum strength in this sign. It is very strong in Leo which is its own sign as well as in Sagittarius which is a fiery sign ruled by Jupiter. The natives with a very strong Sun which is also clean from the influence of any negative planet and is good by placement also, are usually very healthy as the Sun directly represents the immune power and so they have very strong immune power and can fight the diseases in a better way than the individuals who don’t have a very strong Sun present in their horoscope. The people with a very strong Sun in their horoscope are usually the healthiest of all as they have very good digestion, a very well functioning heart which circulates the blood very well in their body and they can easily get rid of toxins formed in their body as a result of eating some particular foods. Physically, such people are usually very fit and they are usually neither found overweight nor underweight and enjoy a balanced physical shape almost throughout their lives though some of these aspects may change depending upon the placement, strength and Yogas or defects formed by other planets in a particular horoscope. 
People with a very strong Sun are usually of dominant nature and have a strong will power and are very quick at taking calculated risks and responsibilities. They may be very sensitive or emotional depending upon some other factors in their horoscope but they are very well able to control these emotions and sentiments most of the times in their lives and so they usually do what logically needs to be done in most of the situations in their lives. Such people are usually very firm with their decisions and it becomes very difficult to make them change their decisions once they have made them. For this reason, they are often considered egoistic by many people, which they can be sometimes but many times they are only concerned with doing the right things as they see them and be very firm about executing the decisions made by them which can make them look egoistic sometimes even if they are not. Due to these qualities, such people usually make good leaders and have many people to follow them and depend on them no matter in whichever sphere of life they are. 
Males with a very strong and clean Sun in their horoscopes are capable of producing very healthy children and are particularly blessed with very healthy and in many cases intelligent male children. People with a strong Sun usually tend to take many responsibilities and work too much which can make them suffer physically as well as mentally at different times in their lives. They can easily exhaust themselves many times by working too much. They are likely to get skin allergies and problems in their stomach more than the other people due to the presence of a strong fire inside them which can easily cause stomach problems and skin diseases depending upon some other factors in their horoscope. 
But a strong Sun is always way better than a weak Sun in a horoscope as a weak sun brings many problems for the native. The Sun can become weak by its placement in particular signs like it is debilitated and the weakest when present in Libra and then it can become weak by placements in some particular houses. But these weaknesses are not the ones that trigger major unfavorable results. The worst kind of problems come when the Sun is weak by placement in a sign or in a house and at the same time it is strongly affected by one or more negative planets. The worst kind of affliction to the Sun can be seen when a negative Saturn affects the Sun when they are both present in Libra as in this case the Sun is already weak by its placement in Libra and the Saturn on the other hand is the strongest by placement in this sign as Saturn is exalted in Libra. And then the afflictions of negative Rahu or Ketu are also capable of doing potential damages to the Sun and the significances it rules in a horoscope. A Pitra Dosh is formed in these cases which affects most of the significances ruled by the Sun in that particular horoscope apart from its general significances. So a thorough study of this planet becomes very important in order to predict many important aspects of a person’s life.


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