The Astrology is science which is based on something called as breath of Universe.
As we breath .. times a minute,
Earth Breaths once in 24 hours
This cycle is prlonged by Moon Going around the earth in . month…
Again extended by the seasons the movement of earth around the sun
The extension goes to the point of prececion of equinox (Ayanamsa) being shifted which create the Yuga (Given in manu smriti)
In Astrology the Vimsotri dasa is the most accurate means of prediction
It has perfectly integrated all the movements and according to the age of the person, animal or being canbe used to predict the conditions. The dasa is further divided into antar, pratiantar, sukshma, prana, deh.  you can imagin the Preciseness of the calculations.
The essentioal thing is the breath
breathing is the universal proof of a person if he is living being or a dead material.
you would be surprised to know there exists nothing called as dead matter.
If you observe minutely
even atoms have their unique breath Oxygen is diffrent from hydrogen is different from carbon… But they act together to produce the biological chemestry to produce the human being this is further guided by the central intelligence Chetna – (PARAMATMA-the one which is never born). The atma takes the birth. what are they madeup of pure spark of light.
Why is rainy season the perfect season for breading in animal, plant (in humans however is appllicable but not applied). The creative force of water, heat air produces lightening which at micro level produces light form it makes mother earth pragnent and you can see the whole earth with living fresh ness however the fruits are born in spring season after 8-9 months.
the amount of cold in winter heat in summer decided the amount of rain in the rainy season.
As the exploitation of humans the balance is however shifting
Whenever there is shift in positions of the heavenly bodies the electromagnetic forces effects the mental feild. Therefore in shravan month you meditate the most. You get attuned with the higher forces. the forces in this seasons are the highest.
The very presence of water air and fire earth (elements dissolved in water or pure metals) readily produce the electricity and magnetism. The electric shock does alter the brain pattern.
Each and every planet has a particular orbit and moves in particular direction. and the stars for all practical purpose are fixed. the stars in the back ground produces a fixed type of magnetic infulence, and planet coming in that feild acts as medium to enhance these forces. however planets because of its motion gives effect for small or long lenght of time. the motion of planet becomes its nature.We have divided in hindu astrology time according to these motions.
The day is defined as sun rise to sunrise.Month defined as newmoon to newmoon
Year has different definations though, it can be precesion to precsion or 0 deg. Aries to Aries the fixed point in sky.
There is samvatsar (60year calander) which works on cycle of saturn and juipiter as the are conjunt once in 60years.
The rahu and ketu predict solar and lunar eclipses
The Yugas are defined by shifts of precesion of equinox. (1 deg. in  72 years aprox.)
The complex calculation has defined the time in Manavantras and Mahayugas and Kalpa and life of brahma.


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