The secret of Astrology The Secret—(of Astrology according to Param Shiva sutras)—-Vashisht Vaid 

Many gods which are mentioned by Maharishi Parashara in Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra, are described by him, and in his Hora shastra , he gives us some information about these Vedic gods relating them to living planetary consciousness, which I am further  explaining  like this:

According to sage Parashara, Sun is the Vedic Agni or god of fire, which is spirit hidden in matter[also known as latent fire or fire by friction, with
purification abilities[logos or Bramh].

Moon is explained as the Ambu , or Apas, the mother aspect, meaning the essence of water, which is required for birth, growth and adaptation (The Deva entity lord of the Astral or desire plane, which is a negative principle known as the  Varuna, which is the reflection in our planetary scheme of the Neptune)

Mars is Kartikeya (Shikhija) which according to Sage Parashara is a warrior god, full of logic, and the leader of devas [who is also known as the
Vedic  god Mitra or Sage Vishvamitra]

Mercury is described as Vishnu, the logos or absolute God with many forms, who is manifestation of buddhi, discerning real from unreal. In ancient Egypt he was known as “Thoth”, the god of writing and knowledge, and he is the same great lord also known as Hermes by the Greeks in the western world, who is the consort of lakshmi[Venus]also known as Aphrodite as the Greek goddess of love and beauty, later called by Romans as the goddess Venus. Historically, her worship in Greece was imported from Phoenicia, where she was worshipped as goddess
Astarte, or Aster upon which the Christian religious festival of Easter is codifically based upon when the ascension of Christ consciousness [Mercury consciousness, of an evolutionary soul  back to the Heart center or fourth cosmic ether is celebrated], and the ensouling entity of Venus in our solar system is the consciousness manifestation of star Taygeta of Pleiades[indarani]in our solar system based upon the 5th ray of manas, and with them two joining[Hermes and Aphrodite] together brought the fifth deva kingdom of Mansadevas [makras] known as “Hermaphrodite” or the solar angels controlling or embodying the Capricorn constellation energies, as originally the ensouling energy of Star Sirius logos, the lord of our solar system manifested via Capricorn constellation[Makra Rashi] as the ensouling entity of mercury conscious [ganesh]in our solar system.

Jupiter is Indra (Vidauja) or the sky god, the real king of devas, storms which bring fruition. Later on in the conspiracy against solar logos this title of Indira was also illegally and deceitfully taken by ensouling entity of Mars for himself, calling himself Aditya Mitra

Venus is Sacchi , the manifesting reflection of Star Taygeta of Pleiades, who is the consort of Indra, as Indra is the rain god, Venus is the goddess of fulfillment of heart desires known also as goddess  Lakshmi, represented in our plane by the Mansadevas, and being hermaphrodite
in nature and the rulers of svarga or mental plane, they are incarnating as both male and human forms upon our planet earth , whose current ensouling entity is a reflection of solar logos or mercury himself who is positively polarized to the negative Venus ensouling entity, so unfortunately the Venus consciousness is behind all the rich people shells who control the economy of  nations, and stay in power with the help of military and police, and behind those human shell consciousness,  is the Mars group consciousness, who has illegal relationship with Venus Ensouling

Saturn is Brahma, the creator god and the father of the seven planets of our solar system , in this case he is known as Sadashiva, who is also dwaita in nature[positive in the group of seven first and later negative during synthesis/negative in nature in the final group of three final synthesizing schemes in our solar system, in which Rahu[Uranus is the supreme father or Adi shiva aspect], and Neptune is the Son[Vishnu aspect] and Saturn in this case as synthesizer of loer six schemes is known as Yama, and the higher group of three is the mother aspect [holy spirit or mind], controlling the life force required for manifestation and also known as the governing lord of wisdom coming from
cosmic Buddhic plane from  Buddhi [saraswati], the star Alcyone of Pleiades [Krittika Nakshatra of Sapt Matrikas]

Later on a conspiracy took place against the evolutionary plans of the logos, because some non sacred[who had not taken proper initiations[diksha] planetary ensouling entities did not wanted to wait as it was required for them to evolutionary grow in a steadily step by step process, based upon the universal law of will to do good, as they wanted to illegally evolve through sheer electric will
without any divine love of the second ray upon which our solar system is currently based upon and evolving in the cosmic physical plane, as they  wanted to evolve in a selfish way and thus the hijacking of evolutionary plans of the logos in which the Entity ensouling
the Mars consciousness became the rebel leader and Mars is glorified in that story as Kartikeya, [Kartikeya means the holder of the Gyan or wisdom of Krittika Nakshatra [Buddhi]represented by manifested body of Saraswati, commonly known as Pleiades of Alcyone, one of the seven mothers who are known as the Sapt Matrikas in Hindu shastras], and thus  illegally became Vishnu during which this
mantra of Vishnu was deceitfully introduced “Manglam Bhagwan Vishnu, meaning
Mars is Vishnu Bhagwan , Manglam Garudadwaja, meaning as well that Mangal is
the one having garuda as his symbol, [eagle representing Scorpio constellation
in ancient times]as his symbol, Manglam Pundrikaksha meaning Mangal is lotus
eyed Vishnu, and Manglam Tano Hari , meaning Mars is the physical body of Vishnu
himself, and because of this reason in Rig Veda, Mitra along with Varuna were
named Asuras , the demons who introduced so called democracy of corruption upon
planet earth.In this conspiracy Pluto took the role of Yama as the lord of death away from Saturn.

In our solar system during the human evolution upon our planet earth , it was decided by the controlling Mansa devas [the mind children
of Saturn[shani] codified as Brahma who are the controller builders active in the dense body of logos which are mental plane, astral plane and vital/physical plane, who in the ancient Europe was called father Kronos, the time keeper]that whenever the planetary logos in his major and minor incarnations take physical incarnations during major and minor evolutionary cycles related to a root race, sub race and branch race, then upon his 
such incarnations new world religions will be put upon the world stage with new religious scriptures, but they all will be codified explaining the
evolutionary process, so it cannot be misused in the world by the unworthy, so since ancient times these scriptures are codified by the great seers, who are known as Rishis [The Knower’s of Rashi Vigyan, or the science of constellations commonly known as Jyotir vidya or Astrology], and because of that all world religious scriptures possess in them, the codified knowledge of evolution, and the codes to unlock this knowledge was in the hands of ray masters  known as chohans, some of whom attained this knowledge with the help of electric will of first and seventh ray which correspond to each other, which was allowed in this evolutionary process, but unfortunately they forgot that the dominating of all the rays in our solar system is the second major ray of love and wisdom related to the Lord Vishnu’s  Monadic or Archetype solar plane, who is the
ensouling lord of our whole solar system consciousness and not the other six rays, which are his own six subdivisions of the second major ray, as this whole solar system is based upon the love and wisdom principle of the cosmic logos. Altough the key players affecting our solar system are the conscious energy emanations of The Ursa major constellation [Sapt rishi Mandal], The Ursa Minor Constellation, Sirius Star System[Mrigavyadha- Sirius B,A, and C], Pleiades star system[Sapt Matrikas], Capricorn Constellation[Makra Rashi], Pole
Star[Dhruv Tara], Draco constellation, Betelgeuse[Ardra]Star system of Orion constellation, and Antares Star system [Jyeshtha] of Scorpio constellation,  Pisces Constellaion[Meen Rashi – Revati], Arcturus Star system[Svati], Regulus[Magha] of leo Contellation[Simha
Rashi]etc, our planet still gets affected by many other radiations consisting of radio[Vishnu] activity[Brahma] going on in the pranic bodies of more than .17 manifested bodies[planets asteroids, comets etc.] of various conscious entities in the radius of influence of our solar sun known as our solar system.

The planetary scheme logos of earth ensouling consciousness known as the heavenly man of earth scheme in its physical manifestation is a
mini solar system, with seven ensouling  entites  of seven planetary chains having corresponding names to the seven planetary schemes, for example there is a Mars planetary scheme ensouling entity with 49 planets in its radius of influence existing as a mini solar system, and this ensouling entity is known as Heavenly man of Mars and in this Mars planetary scheme there exists seven planetary chains out
of which there is a Mars planetary chain and each of these seven planetary chains there exist a planet called Mars , and similarly all other planetary schemes  also has a Mars planetary chain and each planetary chain as well has a Planet Mars, because each planetary chain is composed of seven planets. All these planets called “Mars’ in these planetary chains as well as Planetary Chains called “ Mars Chains” correspond directly through energy relationships with each other as well as with the mini solar system of Mars planetary scheme controlled by its ensouling entity termed Mars heavenly man through the line of least resistance Most of these chains and planets of these planetary
scheme are not observable by Visual light spectrum[VLS frequency between Indigo and Red], as they exist in those frequencies which are termed Arupa [unseen]levels, and they become sometime visible when their cyclic terms impulse them to come into Rupa[seen] or manifested frequencies or levels.

As far as we humans are concerned, the personality bodies of the Earth scheme logos in whose lowest personality body upon this
physical planet we are evolving, which is the dense solar plane or the 7th solar plane counting from center to the periphery. The dense physical body of earth scheme logos consist of three dense personality bodies, The planetary Vital body of our earth scheme logos is controlled by the fourth creative hierarchy, who are also known as the Lunar Pitiris of our planet earth, who control the four Pranic Sub planes also called the Vital sub planes of the dense solar plane consisting of 1st ether, .nd ether, .rd ether and 4th ether materials from which the etheric bodies of all kingdoms are made of upon the manifested physical plane. The Planetary logos Astral body or desire body is controlled by the ensouling entity of Venus[Shukra], who is negative in nature to our positive planetary scheme logos .This Astral body of earth scheme logos is called Kama Mana, and the Planetary Earth logos mental body [Manas]is controlled by the ensouling entity of Mercury[Budh]. Our planet earth’s  ensouling entity controls the collective consciousness of all kingdoms evolving upon our planet and has a triplicate relationship as a balancing role between two major cosmic energies coming to our solar system which are the energies from the constellation of
Gemini specially from the Star Castor[Punarvasu Nakshatra]related to the mortal
nature of our physical planet earth’s manifested kingdom lives, as our
earth is a governing hierarchical ruler for Gemini constellation [Mithuna
Rashi], which is controlled by the fourth hierarchy leaders through the
planetary head center of Shambhalla, and our planet earth also being the governing
ruler for the Sagittarius Constellation[Dhanu Rashi]disciples and initiates who
are known as the members of Siddhasram, who have mounted upon the Vishnu Chakra
commonly known as the mutable cross taking initiation [Diksha] while going from
the Aries to Pisces via Taurus moving along with the universal group consciousness
in the correct motion of the zodiacal circle, also controls the Gemini
constellation energies emanating from so called immortal center commonly known
as the Pollux. The esouling planet earth entity balances these two constellation
energies and after balancing in its vital body send it to other planetary
schemes ensouling entities and beings as well as all other conscious manifested
entities and beings of our solar system tinted by its earth planetary
attributes through Venus which controls its astral body and Mercury who
controls its mental body. Gemini or Mithuna Rashi which causes duality, is the
most important for the most of the humanity living in various nations upon our
planet earth as most of the humanity is evolving going in the wrong direction
of the Zodiacal path against the path of universal group consciousness living
their individualized lower personality lives of materialization, which is known
as the mutable cross, the cross of transmutation for the personality conscious
entity existing in the lower frequency to go to higher frequency, which is symbolized
as Swastika, which in various other cultures of the world is depicted as the
four points of mutable or Coptic cross with equal arms, also symbolized by the
Swastika symbol in the Eastern religious scriptures of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain
religions, which technically depict the four constellations of Gemini[Mithuna],
Virgo[Kanya], Sagittarius[Dhanu], and Pisces[Meen], out of these four Gemini is
the head center and represented originally the head of Christ consciousness and
Virgo and Sagittarius as the arms when there were only 1. constellations, and
Pisces was not part of the Zodiac during Atlantian time of fourth root race
upon our planet earth.

Gemini constellation[Mithuna Rashi]being a dual sign[Dwaita] is governed or ruled by three planets, as these three planets are the focal points through which these energies enter our Solar system and then proceed to our planet earth thus making this dual sign as a working triplicity which produces the appearance of dual energies of soul and subjective intutional personality, the secret behind the whole process of incarnation in the dense physical plane. These three planets who act as the focal points for the Gemini constellation[Mithuna Rashi] energies are Mercury[Budh]through fourth ray consciousness for those who are moving upon swastika or mutable cross, going in the wrong zodiacal path of materialization [Kaal Chakra]against the universal group consciousness, the second planet being Venus[Shukra] through fifth ray consciousness for those who are moving upon Vishnu chakra or Fixed cross where an individual evolving personality consciousness got fixed or
anchored upon the liquid astral levels, and the third planet being Earth itself
through third ray consciousness, which governs the fourth creative hierarchy
made of lunar pitiris who have hijacked the evolutionary plans of the logos.
Thus three rays governing Gemini constellation[Mithuna Rashi] affect our planet
earth[Rays 3rd,4th, and 5th]. But as Gemini also
being the head of mutable cross [Swastika], the constellation of Gemini energies
are indirectly governed by the governing ruler planets [Grahas]of the other
three constellations[Rashi], which are part of this mutable cross[Swastika],
and each Constellation has three governing planets as one governs those who are
going upon the wrong path of kaal chakra[mutable cross], and the second planet
govern those who are going upon the Dharam chakra[Fixed cross], and the third
planet govern those initiated [Dikshit]members known as “Hierarchy” which
control simultaneously those who are upon these two crosses[mutable and fixed]
and who themselves are upon the Shiva’s Trisula [the third cross known as the Cardinal

So the various planets each existing as a group of three governing each of these four constellations  will be :-

Gemini[Mithuna]:-Mercury [Budh]governing 4th ray for mutable cross evolving consciousness, Venus[Shukra] governing 5th ray for fixed cross evolving consciousness, Earth[Prithvi]3rd ray thus relating to Bramha [Saturn]for cardinal cross evolving consciousness[hierarchy]

Virgo[Kanya]:- Mercury [Budh]governing 4th ray for mutable cross evolving consciousness, Moon [Chandra] for fixed cross evolving consciousness, but moon is just a veil as it is veling behind it Vulcan[Vishwakarma which governs usually first ray of electric will but in this case because he is also veiling behind mercury so governing 4th ray , Jupiter[Brihaspati] governing 2nd ray, the ray of the solar Logos himself who is the conscious entity for the whole solar system for cardinal cross evolving consciousness[hierarchy]

Sagittarius[Dhanu]:- Jupiter [Brihaspati]governing 2nd ray for mutable cross evolving consciousness, Earth [Prithvi] governing 3rd ray for fixed cross evolving consciousness, Mars[Mangal]governing 6th ray for cardinal cross evolving consciousness[hierarchy]

Pisces[Meen]:- Jupiter [Brihaspati]governing 2nd ray for mutable cross evolving consciousness, Pluto[Kaliaa] governing 1st ray for fixed cross evolving consciousness, Pluto[Kaliaa] governing 1st rayfor cardinal cross evolving consciousness[hierarchy].

So in addition to the direct influence of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th, ray lives affecting our planet earth, the other three ray lives indirectly affect
our planet earth, as the 1st ray through Pluto[Kaliaa], the 2nd ray or the ray of solar logos through Jupiter[Brihaspati also called guru], the
4th ray through Moon[Chandra] veiling Vulcan[Vishwakarma], and the 6th ray [the ray of devotion Bhakti which represent the Swamis or religious leaders] through Mars [Mangal], So the secret symbol of this most important constellation Gemini six energies affecting directly or indirectly our planet earth [only the seventh ray of magic is missing ]affecting majority of humanity is  codified as two interlaced triangles which in eastern occult is known as the double triangle or the Shri Chakra, and in the western occult is known as the Star of David or King Soloman’s seal. The
central point of this six pointed symbol is depicted by the seventh ray, which is the governing ray of Aquarius constellation, which is currently affecting our planet in full force illuminating all the corners of darkness, and the 7th ray is known as the ray of group unity bringing together all the
differentiations as its job is to synthesize. Originally it is the 7th ray which joins these 6 ray energies upon the higher levels through joint
experience forcing them to produce a concrete expression of the subjective reality as an objective dense form. 


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