Sex and Astrology: Key Rules—Dr. Shanker Adawal

Astrology embraces all facets of human life and Sex is one of the most important facets of human life giving the maximum happiness (bliss) and troubles also including divorce/ separation etc. in additional to imprisonment in some cases. This all depends on the Nakshatra, Lagna (Ascendant- rising sign), Moon sign, Sun sign and the horoscope in total. Be that as it may, from this book know all about the important aspect of life i.e. Love/ romance/ sex wished/ cherished by all irrespective of the age.

Sufferings on account of sex are also known i.e. rape/ kidnapping, abduction and deaths of some just on account of “sex”- the internal feeling/ emotion and revengeful nature. Minor girls raped, some raped by friends and relatives and in few cases raped by father have been reported in Newspapers from time to time and the Astrology- All keeps a track of such reports to tally with the movement of planets- though it is in general as the horoscope of the native is not available.

Among the most forceful planets for sex, Love/ romance and marriage are Venus and Mars- Venus serves as platform and Mars is the key to unlock the emotion/ urges/ feelings for sex. At the same time Saturn has a role to play in making the native impotent and makes the females frigid for sexual union.

The main planets involved are the Moon, Venus, Saturn and Mars. For all facets of life, The Moon has a major role to play as the Moon is controller of mind and no sex is possible without mental urge and how it is saved by Jupiter- the wise planet. I have horoscopes where lot of inclination for love/ sex is indicated especially on account of placement of Mars/ Rahu/ Saturn inspecting/ association Venus but Jupiter in LAgna or other places inspecting such malefic planets saves the native from doing wrong acts in the matter of sex. Sex scandals in personal lives are well known including of the public figures holding high position. The available horoscopes as published shall be discussed in due course of time.

Apart from emotions, the Moon is responsible for various organs- it , inter-alias, governs the uterus, ovaries and its ligaments, glands and also external genitalia (8th house of the horoscope also become involved). Mars governs the blood and breakage of uterus tissues and uterine endometrial. The Moon controls the actual flow of blood and fluid.

Conception after sex is the normal feature of human life but it is now days controlled by many measures. |The role of the Sun comes into picture when conception takes place. More astro- analysis follows in next. Issues of the articles including on menstruation/ conception etc. It would suffice to say that onset of the menses occurs when Mars (depending on the age of the girl- near- about .4 years is with) in transit (gochara) the Moon or in the Moon sign (Cancer). |The aspect of Mars is sufficient for exciting the flow.

Delivery of child rather the time of delivery is to be predicted with reference to the movement of Moon. Normally the event happens when the Moon aspects/ for about the date for menses near to the Full Moon and New Moon.


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