Mundane Astrology: Role and Importance of Nakshtras—Dr. Shanker Adawal

As in the cases of individual horoscopy, so in the case of national/ International affairs (Mundane Astrology), Nakshtras have an equally important role to play with regard to matters covered by each Nakshtra. Without dwelling on other principles of astrology, it would suffice to briefly mention the fields/ matters governed by each Nakshtra in Mundane astrology. I am sure that if these matters are kept in mind by the astrologer, they shall be in a position to each near to the accuracy in predictions:

  1. Aswini In Aries ruled by Ketu- sign of Mars

Matters connected with military, police, jails, criminal courts, merchants, horse dealers, race course, railways, iron and copper industries, mechanical engineering, factory workers, doctors (specially dental surgeons), medical surgery, diseases and injuries relating to head/ brain, small-pox, malaria etc.

  1. Bharni in Aries ruled by Venus- sign of Mars

Matters connected with film industry, agriculture, automobile, factories, leather manufacturers, building contractors, revenue department, railways, criminal law- years, cruelmen/ killers including hijackers (last example of cruelity- Plane of Indian Airlines hijacked on .4..2.1999 and passengers/ crew kept under captivity upto Dec, 1999) animal husbandry, slaughter houses, judges, lawyers, Tea estates, exhibitions. Diseases relating to V.D., face and vision and also injuries etc. on the head.

  1. Krititika (in Aries and Taurus) ruled by the Sun

Leaders, police/ military, IAS and other high officers, defense ministry, war materials, explosives, and bombs, militant temperament, armed forces, fire accidents, international trade, miners/ buildings, chemical engineers and engineering activity in general,  religious (heads of religious institutions) drama and music, medical department and recovery of debts. Contacts with foreigners.

  1. Rohini in Taurus ruled by the Moon in the sign of Venus

Politicians and men in authority, navy, shipping, some include judiciary/ judges, agriculture, dairy farms, lands and houses, hotels/ bars, perfumeries, sexy/ wealthy persons, public functions, automobiles and dealers in clothes. Diseases include cough and cold, throat problem, irregular menses.

  1. Mrigsara in Taurus/ Gemini ruled by Mars in the signs of Venus and Mercury.

Income-tax and sales-tax departments, Press, Ambassadors, Soldiers Computers, and radio dealers, dealers in machinery, tool instruments, surgical instruments, Textile engineers, garments- dealers and manufactures, real estate- lands and buildings, hotel and automobile, skins and hides, animal husbandry, doctors for animals, Diseases include disorders in private parts, wounds, jewellery and jewelers.

  1. Ardra in Gemini ruled by Rahu in the sign of Mercury
 All types of communications, transport, radio, postal and telegraph department, fax machines, book- sellers, salesmen, writers, atomic energy, research department, explorers, murderers, executioners, liars, thieves, adulterers, cheaters, rogues, creators of discord, cruel persons, butchers, tale- bearers, ungrateful, sinful, mischievous and dealers in drugs. Diseases include throat problem, asthma and diphtheria.

  1. Punarvasu in Gemini/ Cancer ruled by Jupiter in the sign of Mercury and Moon.

Politicians, mayors, counselors, rulers and political activity, Law, religion, civil judges, publishing, advertising and journalism, Bankers, insurance, companies, sailors, teachers, advocates, clothers, woolen merchants, provision dealers and also dealers in fluids, female officials, excellent in taste. Diseases include about lungs, throat, chest, and lever.

  1. Pushya in Cancer ruled by Saturn in the sign of the Moon

High profile people- kings, rulers, minister, president, Chief Minister etc. Mines and petroleum industries, merchants, dealers and forest produce, Jailors, submarine activities, dams, tunnels, constructions of bridges, persons working underground- mines etc. Water works, canals, tanks. Diseases include relating to lungs, stomach, ulcers, cancer, jaundice, dyspepsia etc.

  1. Ashlesha in Cancer ruled by Mercury in the sign of the Moon

Ambassadors, international trade including import and export, doctors , nurses, textile engineers, salesmen and marketing men, robbers, poisons, insincere, deceitful, teachers, Diseases relating to stomach, digestive system, jaundice, hysteria, breathing problem etc.

  1. Moola in Leo ruled by ketu in the sign of the Sun
Government’s service including in defense, trustees, contacts with high position, chemical or plastics industries, electroplating, factory, criminal lawyer, surgeons, nurses, surgical instruments, medical departments, religious rites. Diseases like heart attacks, cholera, kidney stone, Poison.

  1.  Purvaphalguni in Leo ruled by Venus in the sign of the Sun

Government servant loyal to king (ruler), tax department, jails, automobiles, transportation including oil transport, actors/ artists, music, Museums, preservation of monuments, photography, Leather/ skins of all kinds, education institutions, television/ cinema, Hotels and recreational activities. Diseases relating to heart, uneven circulation of blood, anemia, high blood pressure etc.

  1.  Uttarphalggni in Leo/ Virgo ruled by the Sun in the signs of the Sun and Mercury

President/ Prime Minister, Governor, Ambassador, Military service specially high position, Mathematicians, astronomers, amalgamation of companies (mergers), Public relations, stock market, tourism,  contractors, public health departments.

  1. Hasta in- Virgo ruled by the Moon in the sign of Mercury

Chief Minister, Imports/ exports, Air transport and air traffic, Ambassadors, Merchants of all commodities (traders), Travel agents, People learned in Shastras and religious books, textiles, navy, hospitals, Advocates/ artist, Sanitary and sewage engineers, bridges, canals, tunnels, press and publications, politicians, messengers, Overseas connections. Diseases relating to bowels, typhoid, dysentery, cholera etc.

14. Chitra in Virgo and Libra ruled by Mars in the signs of Mercury and Venus

Income- tax department, stock brokers, armed forces and defense department, Merchants and manufacturers of perfumes, scientists, philosophers, Learned in Vedas, publication/radio/television, mines and tunnels, petroleum products, automobiles, Mechanical engineering and building contractors, partnership business, Sports. Diseases- kidney, belly, ulcers, wounds, fever etc.

  1. Swati in Libra ruled by Rahu in the sign of Venus

Stock exchanges and stock brokers, industries, traders, cinema, transportation, reporters, mariners, boatmen, leather goods, artificial silk, cosmetics, women’s clothing, judges, air- conditioning, refrigeration, X- ray equipment, picture, exhibitions, jewellery. Diseases relating to skin, kidney, hernia, bladder urinary troubles etc.

  1. Visakha in Libra/ Scorpio ruled by Jupiter in the signs of Venus and Mars.

Defense Minister and his ministry, Foreign service, customs and customs clearing agents, harbor, port trust, industrial units, Agriculture, horse racing, air travel, share market, insurance companies, chemicals and drug manufacturers, shipping and foreign tourism, foreign trade, multi- national companies, auditors, actor, speculators, bankers and fruit gardens. Diseases relating to lower abdomen, kidney, skin eruptions, diabetes etc.

17. Anuradha in Scorpio ruled by Saturn in the signs of Mars

Violent, Cruel, dishonest, untruthful ands harsh- of course depending on the totality of horoscope. Industries in leather goods, skin & hides, jail department service, surgeons, dentists, medicine in general, brothels, hospital and nursing homes, coal lines seed, mustard, cotton seed, woolen articles. Diseases relating to blood circulation, irregular menses, sore throat, piles.

  1. Jyeshtha in Scorpio ruled by Mercury in the sign of Mars

Rules with intention of conquests, textile industry, jails, judges, armed forces, battle heroes, commanders and brave soldiers ready to face all militancy, cables and wire manufactures, secret affairs and detectives, petroleum products, high frequency communication radars, famous and wealthy persons, cheaters, rain and crops. Diseases relating to genital organs, anus, bleeding piles bowls etc.

  1. Moola in Sagittarius ruled by Ketu in the sign of Jupiter

Imports and international trade, cabinate officials, provision dealers, ambassadors, councilors, Assembly speakers, professions, Judge, religious endowments/ Myths, Leaders of group including of enemies (opposition parties), Soldiers workers/ typist, foreign exchange, gardens, slaughter houses, super markets, preachers and druggist. Diseases relating to hips, thighs, rheumatism, brain etc. In addition, look for super- markets and sports garden.

20.     Poorvashada in Sagittarius ruled by Venus  

Finance department and revenue department including tax collections (income- tax department also under Chitra- see above), foreign trade, imports and exports, business partners, cashiers and accountants, transport authorities including railways, roads, air, navigations, rivers and earning through or in connection with water, hotels, food, sugar, Health-care institutions and beauty clinics, animal husbandry, films people and theatrical groups, lawyers, women and children, construction of bridges. Mathematicians and politicians are also born in this Nakshtra.

21.Uttarashada- In Sagittarius and Capricorn ruled by Venus

Politicians and diplomats, Finance (income-tax and banks), Chief Minister, Embassies, International trade, horsemen, brave men, Charitable institutions and their trustees, Hospitals including of  homoeopathy, Education specially higher education, Arbitrators, Judges, Jails, customs, Refugee camps, Mines including of Coal, Skins & Hides, Monuments, archaeology, Scientific research, Religion and religious men, Diseases of arteries, thighs, paralysis of limbs, eye/ trouble, skin diseases, heart trouble etc.

22. Sravana in Capricorn ruled by the Moon

Ruler, Ministers and their ministeries, public officials, Government servants, shipping and fisheries, submarines, agriculture air conditioning, refrigeration, mines and mining products, oils and all liquids including petrol etc., wines and liquors, Pearls, wet lands, milk and milk products, land development, doctors, head priests, People are in general truthful and God- fearing and have active habits.

23. Dhanishta in Capricorn and Aquarius ruled by Mars

 Police, military and armed forces, war, revolts, atomic energy, industry and labour ministry, steel plants, agriculture, press, televisions and telephone, earthquakes, gallows, slaughter house, surgeons, death and estate duties, insurance, welfare department, jail department murders, explorers, philosopher, Reclamation of waste lands, retrenchment, contractors, steel mills, foundries and metallurgy, wealthy persons, fast friends including selfish and greedy, research workers scientists. Religion and preachers.

24. Satbhisha in Aquarius ruled by Rahu

Atomic theory, heads and Ministers, scientists, electricity, stock exchanges, Astronomer, laboratories, factories, tanneries, air travel, jails, counterfeit- fake currency, census, history And old literature, doctors, strong and independents, High Priests.

25. Poorvabhadrapada in Aquarius and Pisces ruled by Jupiter

President, Ministers and Chief Ministers, Municipal corporations, judges, local and federal (state) governments, CBI, Intelligence wing, Investigation agencies, stock markets and share brokers, overseas banks, insurance companies, airoplanes and air travels, mining, education and legal education, doctors, medicines, surgeons, religious institutions, criminal law, tourists, decontrol, statistics, trust and trust funds, political sciences, persons engaged in criminal activities.

26. Uttarabhadrapad in Pisces ruled by Saturn

Rulling party and home ministry, prisoners of war, lotteries, investigation agencies (CBI etc). Legal matters and tourism departments, Imports and exports, religious institutions, Jails, steel works, Societies, Clubs and companies, Hospitals, Sanatorium, Mines, tunnels and sewage/ drainage etc. Education department, shipping and Fisheries, boats, Engineers specially engaged in excavation and geological engineering , Insurance work, milk products, sanitary department, travels, workers of circus, dancers.

27.  Revti in Pisces ruled by Mercury

     High- level politicians, ambassadors and diplomats including High Commissioners, Governors, Ministers, Currency notes and banks, International trading and shipping industry, religious heads and also religious matters, industries, harbors and port trusts, Civil engineering departments and also publicity (advertisements- public relations departments), All types of communications- media television, newspaper etc. University and professors, publishers, writers, editors, share brokers, construction workers, stock markets, legal departments, civil and sanitary engineering, gems and pearls.

All the above significations shall be helpful in giving perditions about various national and International events under Mundane Astrology.

Look at the chart and consider lagna, |Lagna Lord, other planets and their lord ships, signs in which placed. Nakshatra in which placed, how aspect/ associated/ conducted. After a combined study, astrological pronouncements may be made.


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