Astrology & Chronic diseases—Dr. Sanjay Gulati Musafir

Many people thru their own means raised a lot of queries so I thought to use a public platform to answer them for all.

What is Medical Astrology all about?

Let me make it very clear. It is not any form of Medicinal therapy or so. But yes like any other medicine-science this branch of Astrology focuses on physical health of a person. It helps in identifying the probable areas of concern, the factors behind and of course onset of disease and the time of recovery.

How does Medical Astrology work?

It’s simple. Like any other prediction in Astrology – Nine planets and twelve houses. 

How Medical Astrology benefits?

Three simple ways- 

.) Assists a medical practitioner to focus on the right areas. Or better say Diagnosis

.) Take preventive measures well in time or adopt the right line of treatment, as may be the case.

.) Speeding up the recovery process. Or like in many cases, helps in creating a “biological environment” where conventional medical therapies may work. Such a need arises when even a medical practitioner starts losing hope!

Besides this when a patient or a doctor is not so sure about the possible outcome, Astrology helps in creating an environment of mutual belief which is termed as “compliance” 

What we do in a Medical Astrology camp?

I have teamed with an Ayurvedic doctor in Amritsar – Dr. Suresh Chauhan, for last many years. With our collective experience and teamwork behind we are trying to bring two segments of Vedas together. 

During the camps we pick up cases for, as foresaid, diagnosis, treatment & compliance. As the work (treatment) proceeds, we keep discussing the possible factors/symptoms, changing/required from time to time, to make further plan of action.

What type of cases do we pick?

During our first camp, we picked any case that could be termed as chronic disease or even incurable by conventional medicinal therapy.

In the camp on 13th & 14th Feb 2.10 we specifically invited cases related to Infertility (childless couples). A dozen of such cases were discussed and taken into account where medical intervention has failed repeatedly. More significantly, many cases were such where doctors or couples themselves have lost hope.

When Almighty (& of course the patient themselves) permit, we would be posting some success stories too. The purpose is not at all to boast upon the achievements, but to send across a fresh ray hope to all.


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