Nadi Shastra—-Raj Astrologer—-

Nadi Shastra is a unique form of astrology in which an individual can read his destiny inscribed on Palm leaves thousands of years ago . One`s past, present and future is read with unbelieving details by an expert Nadi reader. The most amazing fact remains that a person reads his/ her Nadi leaf only at a predestined time in his/her life. (Predestined thousands of years ago, that is!!).
Nadi in Tamil means `in search of`. A person learns about his life patterns by going through palm leaves that provide actual facts of his life on the exact time it has was meant to be told .
A great deal of Nadi Shastra is based purely on astrological foundations. Other readings combine astrology and palmistry. There are various `Samhitas` (Nadi literature) named after various ancient Rishis.
Nadi shastra is one of the most amazing confirmation of the intuitive powers and developed knowledge of the ancient sages, who possessed the capability of seeing the future of the entire universe.
Nadi also means very small arc of the zodiac of dimension ranging from ./5.0 of a sign to 1/600 of the arc. The thousands of life patterns are written, based on the possible astrological combinations. It is presumed that the Sapta Rishis (Seven Sages)–Agasthya, Kausika, Vyasa, Bohar, Brigu, Vasishtha and Valmiki had outlined the lives of each person on palm leaves through their Yogic and intuitive Powers. The ancient sages has written theses calculations in Sanskrit, which were later translated in Tamil.
The Tamil Nadi literature is written on palm leaves in the language of Vatta Ezhuthu (an ancient dialect of Tamil), with the aid of a sharp instrument known as Ezhuthani. The language is poetic and can be interpreted correctly only by the Nadi experts. This knowledge is kept sacred and is handed down from generations to generations, purposely excluding any public disclosure. Although Nadi readers and leaves are scattered all over India, most of them are centered in Tamil Nadu. That is the reason Nadi shastra is often referred as the most prominent branch in Tamil Astrology.
The primary center for Nadi Shastra is in Vaitheeswarankoli, near Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu, a state in South India. Here Lord Shiva is said to have assumed the role of a `Vaidhya` or doctor, who alleviated the miseries of his devotees.
Nadi reading is not prejudiced to any caste, region, or nationality. All human beings have their destiny recorded and preserved. Due to manhandling of the leaves, certain leaves are considered to be damaged or lost. And there are certain leaves that are scattered. That is, a leaf corresponding to one person may not be available to one particular Nadi reader, and might be there with the other reader somewhere else in India. Still, many people are the first hand experience holder of the humbling experience in which they encounter the details pertaining to their lives on a mere leaf meant for them ever since thousands of years ago. 
Precise date of origin of Nadi Shastra is not known. But sages and yogis of about .000 years ago are the authentic writers of the Nadi leaves. They wrote the destiny of each and every human being to be born on this earth. They even did the prediction of the time when the individual will read his leaf. It is believed that the records were originally written on animal skin and later were transferred to palm leaves. The palm leaves are preserved by applying oil extracted from Peacocks` blood on auspicious muhurtas.
Under the “Chola” ruler ship, these records were translated in Tamil language. Maratha and Chola rulers were the great patrons of this art who endeavored to preserve these sacred records. Their major record collection was kept in Saraswati Mahal library in Tanjore.
After the British invasion, the palm leaves were sold to various keen buyers. The Valluvar community of south India, who were the ardent followers of astrology, bought maximum leaves. Astrology families of vaitheeswarankoil, near Chennai bought them as well. This is where the main hub of Nadi shastra resides till date.


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