For Happy Marriage life : Mangala Gouri Vrat—VIJAY GOEL

Mangala Gauri Puja or Mangal Gowri Vrata is observed on Shravan Mangalvars(Tuesdays during Shravan month). 
Mangala Gauri Vrat is dedicated to Goddess Mangala Gauri, who is popularly known as Goddess Parvati Devi.

The Mangla Gari Vrat is observed on every Tuesday of the month of Shravan, around July-August. As Mondays of this month are the day for worship of Lord Shiva. The Tuesday of this month are the adoration of Mangla Gauri (one of the nine Durga Shobshi). This Fast is only observed by women. Mainly this is done for .6 or .. Tuesdays. This vrat is dedicated to Goddess Parvati.

Mangala Gouri Vrat is observed by married women for the good health and long life of the husband. They will be blessed with wealth and good children.
Mangala Gauri Vratam is observed by married women for first five years after their marriage and the final year puja is concluded with Shravana Mangala Gouri Vrata Udhyapana.


Shri Gauri Astottara Satanamavali or 108 names of Mangala Gowri is the stotram to recite during Gauri Puja, especially on Mangala Gauri Puja, Maha Gouri Puja or Shodasa Gauri Puja.

Devotees recite Gouri Astottaram on every Friday.

Om Murari priyardhamgyai namah 
Om Putra poutra varapradayai namah
Om Punyayai namah
Om Krupa prurnayai namah
Om Kalyanyai namah
Om Anchit yayai namah
Om Tripurayai namah
Om Trigunam bikayai namah
Om Purushardha pradayai namah
Om Satya dharma ratayai namah
Om Sarva sakshinyai namah
Om Shashamka rupinyai namah
Om Sarasvatyai namah
Om Virajayai namah
Om Svahayai namah
Om Svadhayai namah
Om Pratyamgi rambikayai namah
Om Aaryayai namah
Om Dakshaenyai namah
Om Deekshayai namah
Om Sarvottamotta mayai namah
Om Shivabhinama deyayai namah
Om Sreevidyayai namah
Om Pranavardha svarupinyai namah
Om Hrinkaryai namah
Om Naada rupayai namah
Om Sundaryai namah
Om Shodashakshara devatayai namah
Om Mahagouryai namah
Om Shyamalayai namah
Om Chandyai namah
Om Bhaga malinyai namah
Om Bhagalayai namah
Om Matrukayai namah
Om Shulinyai namah
Om Amalayai namah
Om Annapurnayai namah
Om Akhilagama samstut yayai namah
Om Ambayai namah
Om Bhanukoti sandyatayai namah
Om Parayai namah
Om Seetamshu kruta shekha rayai namah
Om Sarvakala sumangalyai namah
Om Soma shekharyai namah
Om Amara samsev yayai namah
Om Amrutai shvaryai namah
Om Sukha sachi chudara sayai namah
Om Balyaradita bhutidayai namah
Om Hiranyayai namah
Om Sukshmayai namah
Om Haridra kumkuma radhyayai namah
Om Sarvabhoga pradayai namah
Om Markandeya varapradayai namah
Om Sree nityagouree devatayai namah 



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