“To make a house or business premises according to vastu shastra, using vastu tips can make you and your family rich and healthy. Some of them are listed below for your wellfare. Try it. It works!”——

*The place of Kitchen in your house must be in the south-east direction.

* Water taps should not kept leaking .

* There should not be three or more doorways in a straight line. Having improper position of the entrance/obstruction in front of the gate can reduce the prosperity to a great extent.

* Doors should be made leaving South/Southwest/West direction.

* Rooms like drawing room in North/East direction.

* The directions North, North-East, East, center point should be kept light, clean and open. South, South-West, West should be kept heavy.

* More even numbers of Balcony, Verandahs and Windows should be in North / Northeast / East direction.

* Pillars should be in even numbers and should not come on the sensitive points of center point.
* Main gate should be bigger than the other internal doors. Main entrance gate is allowed on any directions , except South West direction.
* It is very difficult to leave center point open, so lobby/drawing/dining hall should be constructed there.
* To balance the harmonious soul and to avoid tension and illness in the house, do not keep rubber plants, bonsai, cactus or milk producing plants in the house.
* Never sit or sleep under a projected beam to avoid depression, headache and loss of memory.
* Never keep non-working, un-repaired device or damaged watch, telephone, radio, mixer, spoiled ball pens, cassettes etc. in the house. This will create negative energy in the house and would retard progress and harmony.
* Never accept money between two fingers, as this is considered as cutting of further inflow of wealth. Accept the money with five fingers.
* Check the sound of your door bell. If it sounds irritating, family members will be short tempered. If it has a dull sound, energy level of the house will be low. The doorbell should be pleasing and soothing.
* Any exposed floor marble or tile broken in your house could be the cause of a broken relationship among family members. Put a carpet to cover the broken marble/tile or replace it for immediate results.
* A tree or an electric/telephone pole facing your main door or windows could cause the poor health of family members. Place a convex mirror on the outer wall facing that tree for protection from bad soul.
* Have the name & number plate of your house on main entrance to enable the opportunities to trace you easily. It is a good idea to give a Name to the residence also. Lighting the nameplate increases the effect manifold.
* Never sit with your back facing main door. This can cause back-biting, deceit, betrayal in life. Unwanted guest may be given such seat.
* To retain the money in the house, put a . leg frog facing its back to the main door for better saving.
* Having a toilet/fire place in North-East corner of the house can ruin it financially besides mental tension & quarrel amongst people. Using Pre-Energized Pyramids, sea salt, Green creepers, blue bulb and yellow towels can largely help in minimizing ill-effects.
* Keep your mirrors clean, dust and dirt reduces the effectiveness of mirrors. Try to keep the paint work fresh, repair any leaking taps, and replace any blown bulbs as quickly as possible. Keep your windows clean and replace any cracked or broken glass.
* Water, particularly moving water, attracts positive energy and money. Consider placing a small ornamental fountain or aquarium in your North direction for wonderful results.


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