>Vastu – The Architecture—

Vastu is a Sanskrit word meaning the science of structures. It is a traditional Indian theory of architecture that guides the design and construction of buildings so that they are in harmony with the laws of nature. When we create a form on earth we are giving birth to a living space. Just as our bodies are living spaces for our consciousness, so a house, a town or a temple all are embodiments of living space. Just imagine the peace of mind knowing that your home or office is supporting you, your family, your health and life just by being built with this knowledge. If you aren’t going to build a house then it’s also possible to correct the defects of your current home. The position in Vastu is also very important, but before considering this, the nature of the land you build your home on must be considered, for the land will reflect upon its inhabitants. With reference to position we consider the positioning of the home itself, the positioning of various rooms and also the positioning of the person in the room to gain maximum harmony with nature at all times.

Nature is the underlying basis of Vedic architecture and all the Vedic sciences. Timing is important as when one builds a home the timing will have an effect on how it grows and nourishes you. If you plant the seed at the right time, you yield a good crop and good food. Direction is a basic factor of Vastu. Nature has certain rules and forms in terms of how the earth is placed in space and the position of the various planets. There is a measurable grid of energy on the surface of the earth and this is the same grid that we build our houses on in Vastu. Thus, the house is aligned with the subtle currents of energy flowing up and across the earth and thus we gain the benefits of being in harmony with such elements. Each direction has a different quality or effect. We all know the sun rises in the East, so East has the quality of the sun and so forth. Direction is very important and also with reference to the placement of the various rooms, even down to the direction one would face while sleeping, cooking or eating. Of course the difference is very subtle but if you multiply a good effect over a lifetime the benefits are highly measurable. When we build a house with Vastu we simply mirror nature and her rhythms and bring them into our created space.


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