Vastu Purusha—-

The ‘Vastu Purusha’ is said to be the spirit of the site. It’s in the form of a human male and lies on the site with his head towards the east, his posture fitting exactly in a square. It was easier to get the anthropometrically and aesthetically correct dimensions of rooms, doors windows and even the structural members like plinth and pillars. Even the interior planning was governed by the posture of the ‘Vastu Purusha’ and the norms which specified where and how thestructure must be built, so that it does not injure him. Vastu Shastra believes in the existence of Vastu Purush who is the main deity of a building.
Vishwakarma is regarded as the father of Vastu Shastra. The concept of VASTU Purusha in VASTU Shastra is an ancient one. As per the scriptures, once a fierce battle took place in ancient times between a demon Andhakasur and Lord Shiva. During the battle, a few drops of Lord Shankar’s sweat fell on the ground and gave birth to a formidable monster. The monster at once began to kill the gods. Acting unitedly, then all the gods captured the monster and buried him with his face facing down. The gods also granted a boon to pacify him: “You shall be worshipped in all auspicious tasks. Since the gods made an abode on the monster, he came to be known as Vastu Purusha. And since all the gods have an abode on him, he is worshipped by prudent people.”


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