>Structural Vastu—

The magnetic field of the earth plays and important role while formulating Vastu Shastra which can significantly influence human life. According to Vastu Shastra, one should never keep his/her head towards the north while lying as it obstructs the circulatory system causing irregular sleep, tension, paranoia and other mental problems. The magnetic fields of the same poles repel each other while the opposite attracts each other, therefore a person should keep his/her head towards the south or east. Also a plot with soil that has a large salt content is considered to be inauspicious. The ground watertable should be minimum ..-1.’ below the existing ground level and maximum .0’. It should not have any sanitary back-filled or reclaimed soil or rubbish, bones, hair and other filthy material. The soil should be fertile and free from any decrepit or dead material. Vastu Shastra holds the conviction that the boundary walls are an effective way of containing the energy level and the magnetic field of the plot. The wall should be thick and high in the western and the southern directions. In the north and the east a smaller, thinner wall is desired.

According to the Vastu Shastra scriptures, the various directions denote the following aspects:

East Pitrustaan (Manes): It should not be blocked, since it is the source of male issues.

Southeast (Fire) is believed a source of health, place of fire, cooking and food.

South is believed a source of wealth, crops and happiness.

Southwest (Earth) is a source of character, behavior, cause of longevity and death.

West is a source of name, fame and prosperity.

Northwest (Air) is a source of change, income from business, enmity and friendship.

North (Maathrusthan) This should not be blocked as it is the source of female issues.

Northeast (Water) is a source of health, wealth, prosperity and of male issues.


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